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The man behind the DNC's audit of Bernie Sanders- Jules Kroll

Here is but a short list ( and highly incomplete list) of historical events that have involved Jules Kroll 
1-      In 1968, Kroll worked on Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign( Source: Business week
2-       In the early 80's Kroll Vets the NBC Story that disputes the Oswald lone shooter theory- source: (Note: Kroll’s supposed findings made James Files seem uncredible and the two hour documentary was scrapped by NBC, at the last minute.)
3-      Find hidden assets of Marcos, Hussein, Papa Doc: source:
4-      Find the Diana Tapes on behalf of the Palace-sources: http://
/focus/f-news/1019062/posts, and

Nothing was found, from what I can recall. 
5-      Write a report commissioned by the City of San Diego that aimed to root out the corruption that many appeared to believe existed.‎,

google Kroll San Diego Rip off report for some interesting opinions about Kroll's worl.
6-Write the Kenya Kroll Report:, (Note: Many say the report is dubious. These reports are really cover ups.)
7-      Work on behalf of now convicted Ponzi Schemer, Allen Stanford -to find out who was writing negative articles about him and to discredit them once found. Sources: ( note: In an e-mail sent from Kroll to Standford spoke of how this operative, and Andrew Cash “ Would talk to the judge.”)

8- Be blamed again for aiding Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien ·  How Hedge Funds Got Hooked in Scott Rothstein's Ponzi Scheme ...
Feb 25, 2012 - Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein lured supposedly smart money out of ...Kroll and an onsite inspector at Rothstein's Fort Lauderdale law firm, ...
·  [PDF]
Sep 30, 2011 - Platinum now seeks to hold Kroll liable for its losses on the basis that Kroll... and paid out over time -- from a Florida attorney, Scott Rothstein.
  9-  Work for another massive Ponzi scheme as an enabler

9-      10- Interview whistleblower Richard Chang. Source:
 (Note: Allegations made by Chang’s family that Chang was not depressed and was a family man and it made to them no sense that during or right after the Kroll operatives left, he’d jump to his death. Chang was not involved with the corruption but rather had reported it.)

11-In 2008, Be the investigators when a breach occurred, and it was learned that Passport information for Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, had occurred(and on a lesser scale- Passport info for Mcain and Hillary Clinton . source:,  
-   12-Supervised entirely the “Consent Decree” placed upon the LAPD, after the Rodney King and Rampart Scandals had required the oversight of an impartial sort of uh… party. Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is often approached by Kroll for their threat management expertise. Former Threat Management Head, Gregory Boles, has a senior position with Kroll now. Bill Bratton the man who signed off the internal affairs "investigations" i requested is Kroll's chairman
13-Hire ex FBI agent, John Oneill to oversee security at the Building 7 of the World Trade center. He was hired by Kroll the day before or just took the job the day before. A movie “ Who shot John O’Neill,” seems to find Kroll complicit in severe shenanigans.
14-Be responsible for security of The World Trade Center before, and during the 9/11 attacks.,Inc.shtml, for their “data recovery” expertise to find out whatever wasn’t destroyed and was left on any hard drives to be found after 9/11,
15-Do due diligence for investors with Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien. They have since been sued for negligence though the judge threw that out because they get away with EVERYTHING. Source:
16-  When the City Of New York College needed to do an investigation into some serious allegations made by activist, Kroll vindicated those accused-
17-  Hired by Chevron for their “litigation support” services. Which in turn led to this article about an attempt to bribe a journalist by a Kroll operative named Cash:, and
18-When a drug maker wanted to be sure nothing was preventing his fortunes from being reaped, he hired Kroll to investigate an FDA official and her family.
19-Hired to decimate Ian Puddick when he began blogging negative things about one of their own.
20 -Be commissioned for 100k by the Connecticut school district to be in charge of security post Sandy Hook. ( these links struck me as particularly interesting-  
22- Here Kroll found fraud but why the hell would they be seen as credible!?
23-   Why does only Brazil have the balls?
24  And they make money selling ammo too!
25- begin supplying armored vehicles to the U.S government before 9/11 

Kroll-O'Gara wins $60M Humvee contract - Cincinnati ...

South Florida Business Journal
Apr 22, 1998 - Kroll-O'Gara Co. in Fairfield has won a federal contract worth $59.4 million to produce Humvees with extra armoring for the military.

Kroll | Humvee Lightsticks | Humvee Lightsticks| Accessories ...

Turn Out Uniforms, INC., Kroll Humvee Lightsticks, Humvee Lightsticks. . 3468 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ, 07307, 201.963.9312.

O'Gara rolls out 1,000th Humvee - Cincinnati Enquirer

May 28, 1998 - Douglas Callicotte with a Humvee at a ceremony Wednesday at ... The company, now part of Kroll-O'Gara Inc., received the Army's first contract ...
Oh yeah, I forgot, some wonder who vetted Edward Snowden  and the Navy Yard Shooter. It was Kroll under the Altegrity cover

Since this piece was written in early 2014, Kroll has become the No. 1 name in obtaining government contracts - DHS, TSA, IRS etc
On their way too to being the Number 1 name in Bond Ratings... Rahm Emanual has called on them.
And, so so many more....Recently, Rahm Emanuel wanted Kroll to do the bond ratings, and not Moody's. I have no idea how that works. .. but I suspect it's UNKOSHER

Also, they investigated the Sam Dubose murder in Cincinatti, and cleared the school of any wrongdoing.
They've built a huge pharmaceutical business (Alere - Kroll Lab Specialists before they were sued by a Eric Landon.)

Now they've been brought in to audit the DNC Bernie Sanders thing -Showing US campaign contribution data for cycles  thru   learn more 

Campaign Contributions to Democrats v. Republicans
Federal campaign contributions by Jules B Kroll
Politicians Supported
US politicians supported by Jules B Kroll
Political Organizations SupportedPolitical Organizations Supported
US Political organizations (such as PACs and party committees) supported by Jules B Kroll
About the data

US Political organizations (such as PACs and party committees) supported by Jules B Kroll
Political Organizations Supported
US Political organizations (such as PACs and party committees) supported by Jules B Kroll
Democratic National Commi...

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