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Lauren D, please come forth and tell John Gregezok that he is one sausage faced psycho, and that Los Angeles City Attorney, Jennifer Waxler, must be disbarred YESTERDAY

In a courthouse in L.A a hearing was scheduled in case 8CA10541. The date- July 9th 2009

The original purpose of the hearing was something called, a hearing on the "Motion to Traverse the warrants." Well, that's what I was told. I was also told that since the city attorney had sent my recently hired private lawyer,Howard Williams, the opposition in an "untimely" manner," Howard Williams would have to ask for a continuance.

 The night before the emails, Howard L. Williams, emailed me that he had just received a 39 page motion and therefore could not be prepared for he next day, since it was delivered the night before after business hours. Though it would turn out to be true that the city attorneys did fax him an opposition motion, after 5 P.M, this was the entirety of the motion with the city's illegal search warrants attached. The attachment of the highly illegal search warrants would not lead an ethical lawyer to characterize the fax he relieved as a "39 page motion."

So, that's just a tiny bit of the backstory of the days before this "hearing." 

You had the prosecutors in once corner. You had the defense attorneys in another. A judge in the middle.

For the state - Jennifer Waxler.
 For the defense- Jason Leiber standing in for Howard Williams, without notice to me that this would be the case.

In the middle- Judge Mary Lou Villar (newly appointed by Schwarzenegger judge and Anthony Villargrossa's sister)

Image result for mary lou villar

The hearing in black and white. Two unrecorded sidebars included.

The evidence that Waxler presented to substantiate her request - that I be remanded to jail- by Judge Mary Lou Villar...

That in 2005, 2 years, before I ever heard the name "Tig" Notaro, on  a stat counter user forum, I or my sister was somehow writing Notaro who we did not know and she knows none of us knew each other- well, this lauren d was going undercover in some way to tell Notaro.... Me and my sister ... In 2005, I'd not only not heard of Notaro but did not know about stat counters till I started a blog in 2008.

So that is why Jenniffer Waxler requested either an arrest warrant or a bench warrant on that day?

In 2005, someone on a message board somewhere and with the screenname Lauren D had said online to Notaro(who is in a stat counter uh discussion we must presume) Me and my sister saw your show...

note the ellipsis. It is not mine as you'll see below.

take that in...

Guess what, readers, that is no possible for many reasons...

1) we had no idea who "Tig Notaro" was in 2005.
2)We have never remotely gone on a stat counter discussion forum and my sister would not use the name lauren d
3)and are we to assume that we were then fans of Notaro who uh uh... thought we'd get our uh compliment across on a stat counter message board? IN 2005?
4)VERY IMPORTANLY we lived in Austin Texas in 2005 or NY and how would they trace any ip adress. it certainly wasn' the IP of our L.A computer.
5) This is insane... Jennifer Waxler saw fit to delete whatever this Lauren D said on some computer message board that someone was used to transmit illegal messages8
6) of course no one transmitted messages to Notaro but had they in 2005... was there a restraining order in place?
7)Why on earth, on this date, was Jennifer Waxler and Felise Kalpakian with the help of John Gregozek trying to defraud the Mayor's sister some more. They already had defrauded her plenty and would do it againt
7) please ask yourself what became of this and please ask yourself if any of this was put on any record except for the transcript I had to pay plenty of money for.
8)their is no dispute that we had no idea who Notaro was before 2007 and there is not dispute that no orders of any kind existed and there is no dispute that the ip we see there is not our and in no way could be our... And it is not in dispute that my sister's name is Lauren and her middle name is Joy and her last name starts with S....

Take in the fact that Gregozek is clearly falsifying documents that make no sense even. What sort of plausible deniability Waxler can theoretically claim is more confusing than with John Gregozek,
 because she would confirm to the judge on the record(who knows what she'd say in another of those illegal ex parte unrecorded sidebars- that the ip matched up to our house.. Was she told this by Gregozek, and bought it without thought, or did she knowingly lie and lie to the court, in order to terrorize me again with fake allegations and threats of jail as retatiation for me not taking their plea bargains and for my sister filing a lawsuit a month before? A lawsuit where Mathilde "Tig" Notaro was represented by Allison Hart Siever of Marty Singer's infamous, Lavely and Singer.

There is so much wrong with these two documents, that it hurts.

This is the allegation that 2 years before I'd ever heard the name "Tig Notaro" my sister lauren Joy spitzberg was what.... haunting a stat counter, They matched Ip's to a communication made years before? That is fraud of the ugliest order. Note there never was a hearing on this and no hearing dae was set according to the minute order, which does indicate complicity with the Judge and Clerk in that court.

note the date ... on top of the docket pages related to Howard Williams and Leiber and Leiber's representation -

NOTE how there is no mention of any cancelled hearing or anything to do with the August 4th 2009 hearing that Judge Villar was kind enough to schedule instead of having me jailed for no good reason?

traverese motion
kalpakians' opposition motion
Bozo letters 
howards letters
letters to frank towers etc

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