Thursday, January 28, 2016

What the Fuck is up with Chuck and Tig Notaro's former uh chemo witness, and now accused joke theif - Amy Schumer

On April first of 2014, Amy Schumer told writer Marian Garvey that Chuck Schumer was her uncle.

The Manhattan-born funny lady — who placed fourth on the fifth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” — also says she wouldn’t hesitate to drop the name of her powerful uncle, Sen. Chuck Schumer, to get out of a traffic ticket. 

“I live in New York, so I don’t drive,” she said. “But I probably would.”

A month later, Chuck Shumer spoke to the same paper and the same writers and said this

Sen. Chuck Schumer says the tables have turned when it comes to his distant cousin, raunchy comedian Amy Schumer — now that she’s famous, people ask him if he’s related to her.

“I didn’t know her and now I do. She was telling people she’s my cousin, and it turns out, she is. She is Gordon Schumer’s daughter, he is a cousin of mine,” the New York Democrat told us at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.
“This put me in my place: My nephew, Max Schumer, is a freshman in college. His roommate said to him, ’Your last name is Schumer? Are you related to Amy?’
“That’s the first time that’s happened.”

Me talking!

But, wait wait....Why did Amy tell the same writers he was her uncle and then why didnt the same writers question Chuck Schumer when he contradicted Amy?


LaughSpin's  Emma Kat Richardson asks in early 2011:

:I was really surprised to read that your uncle is Chuck Schumer, the senior senator from New York. Being a CNN and MSNBC junkie, his is a name I was immediately familiar with.

Ass kicking Amy responds:

Where does it say that he’s my uncle? Does it say that on Wikipedia?

Emma Kat replies:

Quite a few places, actually.

Amy again:

He’s my dad’s cousin. I definitely grew up knowing him – not knowing that it mattered that he was in politics, and not really dealing with it at all. The first time it came up was when my sister and I were arrested for shoplifting. We were arrested for grand larceny, and [the cops] were like, ‘You’re lucky you have this last name.’ And they pleaded it down, to like disturbing the peace or something. I really thought that shit was off the record, until I was on Last Comic and they asked me if I had an arrests, and I was like, “Eh, not really.” They have real lawyers – it’s like General Electric – and they knew everything I’d stolen.

Other than that, I’ve run into him a couple of times at events around New York, and he’s super nice. I’m really proud of that guy. I’m happy to be related to him at all. I don’t talk about politics onstage, but I’m as up on that stuff as I can be, from reading a newspaper a day, and watching a good amount of CNN and MSNBC myself (and avoiding Fox News, except when I’m on Redeye, of course). I’m really proud, and he’s never made a move where I’ve [disapproved]. The only criticism I’ve ever heard about him would be along the lines of, ‘That guy loooves the camera.’ Well fuckin’ yeah, because politics is like any other art: you’ve got to keep yourself hot. Keep yourself relevant, or people will forget about you.

More Questions: Why would Charles Schumer come out with such a strange statement at the White House correspondents dinner?

Why would Naimetz and  Garvey print such strangeness i.e Amy Shumers says you are her uncle. A month later, you say you are not even aware of her really, and we don't comment on it. We play along? Why?

Why would Amy S say that the mere name Schumer got her off serious criminal charges? Surely, some phone calls were made by uncle Chuck. Yet, now he has no connection to his first cousin, Amy's Father, who she says was sick for years with MS????

Why would she assume a Grand Larceny charge would go missing from any record?

Why do so many sources online say he's her uncle years ago, and now it's either distant cousin, first cousin or according to Chuck Schumer- he just found out they were even related Sloppiness or some hard to grasp subterfuge?
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