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More like Stef Willen's Lie-o. Simon and Schuster publishing Milo was bad enough, no?

It's interesting to witness a con artist worm her way into a non fiction deal with a major publisher, on your broken back. It's too interesting when you consider how everything you lost was her gain when Nick Kroll stepped in to make sure Notar's bad behavior and then his bad behavior would never see the light of day.

Well, more horrifying than interesting but my blessing is that I can see the interesting in the horrifying, I GUESS.

How Willen sheistered(in the most ruthless and sociopathic way imaginable) this deal involves a long and complicated series of circumstantial and well evidenced events. And, I am working on that despite a very persistent case of writers block/aversion to the pain reliving any of it causes.

Forgive me if you read the other posts relating to Willens's curious now four cases of bio, but I might have to belabor cause though I see two stated publishing delays... it still might come to pass and it is no hyperbole to say that this an obscene outrage. It is so obscene that it feels surreal - that a no talent psychopath like Willen got away with her role in Case 8CA5041 to begin with but then to built a fancy resume on that role... just impossible to accept or allow.

In black and white:

Which is it? - Willen's own words

After taking one acting class in college, she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress.


Stef Willen - Amanda "Em" Helms

 While attending the University of 

Colorado, she obtained a more demanding role when her 

roommate asked her to be the lead in her senior thesis short film. In 2001, Stef graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in anthropology and biology. 

(Note: is this even true? I doubt it highly now considering that now it's a degree in paleoanthropology (see below)in one version and in one she screwed up her college degree due to "alcohol, anxiety,and woes." I happen to know that Stef Willen has no problem with alcohol but that's hard to prove.)

 She was planning on going to Africa to study apes or dig for 

ancestral humans, but her film was seen by a talent 

manager in Los Angeles who encouraged her to pursue 

acting. Stef moved to Denver and studied acting with Brian McCulley. 

Shortly thereafter, she was signed by an agent and moved 

to Los Angeles in 2003. There, she studied acting with Nina 

Kether Axelrod and improv at the Groundlings and ACME 

Comedy Theatre (why wouldn't she tell me that when I talked about the improv i took. Never once told me about ath) . 
She has since starred in many short films ...

Very UnFun fact: Stef Willen moved to Denver and L.A to stalk desiccated cancer con artist comedian with worst name in history of grotesque nemesis's - "Tig" Notaro.

So in that second version, her fabricated short film career(google to see that Willen was in ONE short film called "Long Ago") is launched on the UH UH college thesis UH circuit and then straight to L.A. And here there is not one acting class in college but instead a ton of acting classes in Denver before coming to  Los Angeles stalk cancer comic "Tig" Notaro in Los Angeles. In short(ha!) no acting classes in college in this version.

What does seemingly credible Simon and Shuster have to say about this non fiction writer:

Stef Willen is a contributor to McSweeney’s and This American Life and was the co-star of the film, EM, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado and lives mostly in Los Angeles and a little in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Note:  why no mention of degree in biology and anthropology. Why no mention of degree period. That would be included in a bio. What happened to that astoundingly fishy LA press award that Willen now is able to claim cause of a long UGLY UGLY story. Why put that she is a contributor to NPR when she was on for five minute as a favor to Nick Kroll?(We'll get into that at length in a long post that is nearly done)

Oh look: 

Simon and Schuster and/or Willen's editor at Atria, Daniela Wexler,(who blocked me on twitter for trying to give her the heads up) wrote out a long one too. 

I'll underline what is suspicious as hell and then write some comments, Here's the screenshot so you can read it without my commentary: 

Total Loss

An Inventory of Disaster, Theirs and Mine

by Stef Willen

Price: $24.00(Hardcover)
Published: August 29, 2017
Rating: 1.0/5 (1 vote cast)
From the Publisher: Based on an award-winning McSweeney’s column, ( Note:)what award. why not mention the name)a darkly funny, intimate memoir about a young woman who learns how to live in the midst of other people’s loss (NOTE: the irony is too bitter yo), for fans of Lab Girl and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Success always came easily to Stef Willen. 
(Note:) When I knew Willen she was living rent free off the backs of two nice generous girls named Guylene and Michelle. She couldn't afford even gas at times. success came easy? No way.

To reward Guylene and Michelle(I'll omit their names cause what she did would be so hurtful to them) for their largesse, Willen would tell me how gross the two were all the time and then she began telling me that they were racist, antisemitic and that the police were always coming to the apartment cause Michelle was beating Guylene. At the time I believed it. At first Guylene and Michelle and I really got along and then nothing occurred to make it so that Willen began telling me how they don't like me and I'm not welcome there... In retrospect, I have no doubt that the deeply disturbed Willen could not stand others liking each other and not only had been slandering them to me, but had been slandering me to them.

 Brainy and precocious, her loving parents raised her in the fresh air of the Colorado Mountains, where should could play in the dirt and learn and run free

Note: can't dispute this cause I didn't know her then, but Willen playing in the dirt makes good sense

So how exactly did she end up in this predicament at age twenty-six: on the floor, covered in soot, shards of glass digging into her knees, picking through the remains of someone else’s life? Her business card read Disaster Content Inventory Specialist and her task was to inventory all of the items destroyed after a house is burnt down, cataloguing the wreckage so that residents could receive fair settlements from their insurance companies. 

(Note: she told me she did that job very occasionally and she hated it cause her boss Heather was always coming on to her. Also she told me  her main job was working for some harridan named Amy Alkon. As she did with Guylene and Michelle, she slandered me to this Alkon and slandered Alkon to me. According to her Alkon was a half retarded slave driver. Amazingly Willen would bullshit Alkon into turning on me in a spectacular way but that is for the BIG story) Why no mention by S+S of Amy Alkon since Willen elsewhere online says that is her job. Google Amy Alkon and Stef Willen for tons of evidence of that. I will find the one where willen states that is her only job.

This wasn’t—as you can imagine—the plan. Her dreams of a Nobel prize-winning career in paleoanthropology had been derailed in college by emotional turmoil and addiction, 

NOTE: WAIT. WHAT.HUH. HMMMM....derailed. Magna Cum Laude. Why does Willen write in her own bio that she had degree in Anthropology and Biology.  Either way, magna cum laude sure doesn't indicate derailment. Impossible to prove but I can say with certainty that Willen never had addiction or alcohol problems. She drank but never got drunk in any alcoholic way. No drugs either. This is just a way for her to try and sell books and it's in character for her to be that pathetically ambitious. As a deeply disturbed human, I can't dispute that she has emotional turmoil but it's of the sociopathic exclusively self centered variety.

and after taking just one post-grad acting class, 

(Note:) Let's revisit cause this just is so easy to comprehend'

Her own bio: One class in college led her to seek stardom in Hollywood

Em bio: No acting classes. discovered due to acting in friend's thesis film. short film success attained by Willen due to that famed thesis acting circuit we never hear about. Had an agent. Took tons of classes.

Simon and Shuster Bio: NOW IT"S ONE POST GRAD CLASS AND mention of GROSS NAIVENESS. Lot's of gross going now but nothing to do with naivety. 

she made the grossly na├»ve decision to conquer Hollywood. 

Note: Hellloooooo Simon and Schuster. Helloooooo. Is it so grossly naive after knowing she said this - that she had an agent. Tons of classes under her belt. Very different from one uh post graduate class. Alternative facts you say?

but her film was seen by a talent 

manager in Los Angeles who encouraged her to pursue 

acting. Stef moved to Denver and studied acting with Brian McCulley. 

Shortly thereafter, she was signed by an agent and moved 

to Los Angeles in 2003. There, she studied acting with Nina 

Kether Axelrod and improv at the Groundlings and ACME 

Comedy Theatre

But by the time she settled into her tiny apartment in Los Angeles, Stef found herself mired in a soul-crushing relationship and dangerously reliant on the power of alcohol to soothe her anxious woes. (NOTE: BULLSHIT.she was obsessed with this "tig" notaro. and she had no problem with alcohol or drugs. )

Enter Disaster Content Inventory. What begins as an attempt to pay the bills turns into a reckoning that Stef could never have anticipated. As she travels far and wide, she meets unforgettable characters in their most vulnerable moments, experiencing flashes of insight that change her outlook on success and the definition of a life worth living. (Note: why does Willen state that her job was to work as an editor for Amy Alkon then. why leave this out in all her bios? working for a controverial advice columnist isinteresting no?)

A poignant and fascinating look inside a strange and intense profession, Total Loss offers a glimpse into the six years Stef spent crawling around ravaged homes, emerging wiser and stronger on the other side of disaster.

Note: if karma and justice has any truth to it, Willen is set to be mired in disaster till she either comes clean or one of us dies. If I die, karma will still find her. I need to believe that.

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