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Stef "The foul fabulist" Willen doesn't need an editor, she needs a lie detector attached 24/7

...WOW WOW WOW look what new madness I found, Daniella Wexler/Atria/ Alissa Malzlman/ Donald Maas/Katie Shea Boutillier/ The World et al.

A.So I didn’t really decide anything for myself. Someone said I should take an acting class. I did. I got signed by an agent in L.A. and she said I should move there. And I did.


B. After taking one acting class in college, she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress




While attending the University of Colorado, she obtained a more demanding role when her roommate asked her to be the lead in her senior thesis short film. In 2001, Stef graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in anthropology and biology. She was planning on going to Africa to study apes or dig for ancestral humans, but her film was seen by a talent manager in Los Angeles who encouraged her to pursue acting. Stef moved to Denver and studied acting with Brian McCulley. Shortly thereafter, she was signed by an agent and moved to Los Angeles in 2003. There, she studied acting with Nina Kether Axelrod and improv at the Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theatre. 

(She has since starred in many short films ...(one short film is the new many short films. And it was a deeply embarrassing film called "Long Ago" . In her "columns" she would later change the story again and now many short films became many short student films)

I did a little more digging, and as of today there's a D too (just like in the court cases - four versions where it's beyond clear that Willen is a liar who doesn't even seem to bother keeping her stories straight)

Note:  Six years after Willen was given the Mcsweeneys column win( due to a complicated and insanely unholy alliance with gruesome "comedians" named Nick Kroll and "Tig" Notaro, ) this(below) was written by some Simon and Schuster editor. We can presume the book was set to go and no one saw it necessary to vet Willen's tales. Then we can hope that the book being delayed for nearly two years, might  indicate that someone at Simon and Schuster (Atria)did come to realize that something stunk. Whatever the case, if Simon and Schuster goes through with it they do not have plausible deniability at this point(screen shots of them reading the blog etc)

Her (Willen) dreams of a Nobel prize-winning career in paleoanthropology had been derailed in college by emotional turmoil and addiction,
and after taking just one post-grad acting class, 
she made the grossly naïve decision to conquer Hollywood.

So how did a double major in anthropology and biology morph into Paleoanthropology?

Like many of humanity I've never heard about that but here it is on wikipedia I gave it a read just now and it's not something you'd major in as an undergrad, but that's doesn't make it impossible. So let's suspend the disbelief that now should accompany one word out of this Stef Willen's mouth and say that ... Simon and Schuster is claiming that Willen was wrong about the biology and anthropology and what .... did take such a specialized major, got a phi beta kappa key she excelled so(well that's what she said in the Mcsweeney's column ) and we are to believe that either one acting class in college or hey Stef it's Daniela wexler, was it one class in college or postgrad? I'll put whatever you tell me now. I'm an editor for a major house but I overlooked the an agent  me in a thesis film and .... gave it the go ahead after blocking this Alisa person on twitter after she told me about it cause again I just am going to take you at your word... where was I... so Daniela Wexler wants us to believe that the "grossly naive" and Phi Beta Kappa key holding Willen dumped that all after one acting class and that even after acting didn't work out she made not one effort to return to academia but kept working at this shitty fire loss job? That's not grossly naive behavior, that's nuts. Just thinking out loud here. There are so many better and straightforward lies already.



These UH tidbits about her education and career (from the same column) need to be addressed  by Wexler and Willen and Mcsweeneys and the L.A Press Club and let's not forget Ira Glass- 

Willen is no longer content lying about being CumLaude. Now it's...(from same mcsweeneys piece above)

At the very least, the doors my little golden Phi Beta Kappa key were going to open weren’t supposed to be X’ed with yellow caution tape and kicked in with my own foot.

Also... Did Stef Willen ever work on a reality show? Much less an Associate Producer

I spent two years, working on a popular reality show. I made my way up from a lowly Production Assistant to an Associate Producer, but I quit the day Deb from clearance started decorating the office window with Halloween decals a month in advance.

What would Amy Alkon have to say about all of this... did she notice that her employee was working full time for a loss prevention company? What about Heather Connel. She's now a dinner party throwing documentarian? well that's very interesting if you met her as I did. hahahah.
 I'd find this all so funny if not for the incredible damage and pain she was able to get away with in my case.

Phi Beta Kappa now????!!! Associate Producer of "popular reality show" now ???? Soon she'll use that Phi Beta Kappa Key to open kingdoms full of unicorns and cum laudes? In other words, Stef Willen is one sick liar and how she keeps getting away with it is a much more interesting than the columns about a job that she will claim  is her big occupation when the truth is she was really working for a harridan named Amy Alkon. The whole loss expert thing is alsol a big lie.

 I'll put the supporting links to the college and career claims, and more about what she said in the past about her education and work and how Alkon's internet postings evidence more lies...  ASAP but just had to post cause... WOW WOW WOW>

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