Wednesday, March 29, 2017

UGH to the Nth

FYI and BTW, doing this is deeply unfun. It's terrible to see someone who not only destroys lives without a second thought, but who seems to be destroying her own(if their is any justice is in this Universe) It's all too trippy and full of awful ironies and parallels to stand, really.

How did I miss this(in big and bold  and underline cause... the publication is listed as 2045 now, but  but that's just not proper closure. I don't even know what that is.)

Stef Willen is a writer, editor, and artist who always   thought she’d be a paleontologist. At age 14 she discovered a 140 million-year-old egg from what was suspected to be a Nodosaur, making it the first known armored dinosaur egg ever found. This was unbelievable luck since she had, at that point, wanted to be a paleontologist half of her life. After taking one acting class in college, she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress. She has auditioned at Starbucks, on ratty couches, a roof, and at La Salsa. She writes the multi-award winning, Total Loss: A Column About Inventorying Other People’s Tragedies, for McSweeney’s Internet Tedency and was the 2010 McSweeney’s Grand Prize Column Contest winner. She contributes regularly to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and other internet portals. She is a contributor to Public Radio International’s This American Life and was the co-star of the film, EM (Vanguard Cinema in 2011), which won the Grand Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado and lives mostly in Los Angeles and a little in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She no longer (knowingly) auditions at Starbucks.
 Simon and Schuster(Atria) should have vetted but then again who would suspect this level of madness from anyone. Not me. But I will assist in such a vetting...

1. She says she was in many short films- check on that. You will see that one lousy one called long ago does not constitute many.

2. She says that she was in many student films and forgets that it was short films but hey easy to check

3. Says Loss Prevention was a full time job. Call an Amy Alkon about that. Ask to see any evidence of the many jobs she'd claim in those columns. Particularly the long term reality TV producing. Tax returns should do. Why total omission of Amy Alkon job in column. Google their names to see how it's online.

4. In the same exact column, she says she's a cum laude and has a Phi Beta Kappa Key. From my research, that doesn't make sense but again... very easy to check for Simon and Schuster. Publishers long bio says she messed up college and mentions no degree. What is that about?

5. She claims her Mcsweeney's column is multi award winning. Is that remotely true?  yet the publishing bios say nothing about any awards. Why is that? There was a highly dubious L.A press award(doubly dubious cause everything she writes is as lie so it's the farthest thing we should expect from journalism) but again one is just not multi, my friends.

6. Her reasons for moving to L.A: agents and a student thesis film and discovery and then the story is one college class. Then it's one post graduate class. then its moving to Denver to get trained... such flashbacks to her lies in my case. Just four versions of the same things and so clear she's lying but no one will do anything(cause of nick Kroll but that angle is for another day)

7. doesn't contributor to NPR connote more than once. It should say "Stef Willen did really mind glowingly evil things to get in good with a tig notaro and then through more mind bending events it led notaro to get son of big funders jules and Lynn troll to get Ira Glass to allow Willen to sit there and make up more stories ,and now claim NPR on a resume. But that I must assume is too much to ask.

I'm sadly sure that there is more and until the Universe will stop being such a ridiculous asshole and makes us sure Willen is never able to sell any more of her fiction as non fiction... 
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