Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Over my dead body I said...Will Stef Willen be the voice of the next generation?

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So fed up with bizarre mysteries it's not even funny. But I'm not complaining cause the alternative was much more unbearable. OK so something is obviously up... Stef "I sold my soul to the devil and this devil wants a refund cause I don't have a soul" Willen's false memory memoir has now been delayed for 28 years. I know I know blog but no... that's not actually a typo. Blog, trust me...the 8 is not a mistake according to this 

  • Atria Books | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781501115301 | 
  • August 2045

List Price £10.49

and elsewhere on Simon and Schuster US and amazon etc.

Or maybe it is. Can't trust anything anymore.

The previous two years delay(from august 2016 to august 2018) was strange enough and no matter how much I've tried I can't see a reason why a ready for print book would get such a delay. But now with the comically long 28 year delay and no updates provided by the sociopathically ruthless authoress, is it time for the celebration(however bittersweet) to commence? Not if you know how justice and injustice has worked in this case, is the only answer I can provide to that question just now. Will Stef Willen pull a tig notaro and finagle a well publicized cancer stage routine too?  Anything is truly possible when you have Jules Kroll's son, and his checkbook, on your side is the short answer. 

And if we are reading this right so many questions still begged. Just a few for the purposes of this purposeless post - what degree of justice will it take re:Willen to give us our brutally long delayed justice? What can be done to publicize her lies so our names can be be sufficiently cleansed? Can we ever get any sense of closure when so much was stolen and so much time has passed. Why would she be able to still claim the Mcsweeney and L.A Press prizes considering that she outed her own self as a pathological liar? So many more straightforward and deep questions can be posed about these recent developments, dear blog. I could envision a book on this section of the odyssey alone.
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