Friday, May 5, 2017

Nick Kroll, they won't let you host the Oscars cause you are a talent free douche who bought every single friend or gig you've ever had

I saw this:

It said how Nick Kroll and Mulaney would address the elephant in the room re: hosting the Independent Spirit Awards. 

I had a flash of hope that the journalist would do the right thing, and tell the reader how Nick Kroll has used his billionaire father's mind bending connections and money to buy this newest hosting gig. Alas,of course not. But I did get even more insight in to what motivates Jules Kroll's deluded douche of a son. I imagine tons of kids have somewhat similar fantasies, but only Jules Kroll's son would use Jules's filthy money and ruthless M.O's to secure that for himself ,and that part is sorely missing from this latest big of PR masquerading as some "credible source." 

Kroll: For us, it was always like, this is what I hoped show business would be. At least in my mind — you do this show, cool people come, people you would’ve admired for a long time, you meet them before, you hang out afterwards, you go to like Joe Allen or Bar Centrale. It just felt like you would imagine, when I was a little kid, what show business would be. Doing something like the Spirit Awards feels kind of similar, and when you’re a kid thinking one day maybe I’ll host the Oscars, but then the powers that be won’t let us host the Oscars because we’re too dangerous.

Come again, douche?!

Too Dangerous? Jules Kroll's gross son has the grossest form of Chutzpah/delusion bred of douchery and extreme privilege imaginable.  It's true that Nick Kroll is dangerous but not in a he's a subversive type who will take on the establishment.

He was dangerous to me for sure cause he was willing to do and say anything and many who know my case think he was deadly dangerous to a witness who potentially could have shown that to be the case  but uh uh ended up dying in a mysterious car accident instead. 

But let's not even think about LAPD officer Jaqueline Montalvo right now cause it depresses me beyond belief, and it does sound super crazy without me mapping out who she was, what she planned to testify to, and how her testimony could have affected Kroll, and the whole Marty Singer using The TMU as his means to win every case he is hired for.

Hinted at here:

(second post in particular. not written by me.)

More on Marty Singer

I mentioned it in the subject line, but it bears repeating, the reason Nick "the check writing prick," Kroll hasn't been able to scam a Oscar hosting gig yet is not due to his danger quoteitn, but because Jules Kroll likely doesn't have enough money and power-when it comes to buying his unsightly and untalented son a Oscar hosting gig. 

 Jules is  beyond powerful and connected in business, law enforcement and political circles. He also has plenty of power and connections in Hollywood circles( due to his PR, damage control, and reputation mgmt work) but scamming this gig for his son is still even beyond his reach. Especially since the failure of Kroll Show, and then the bad noise that surrounded Nick Kroll's inserting his monstrously ugly mug in the movie Loving. Many people also now know that the Kroll Show was underwritten by his father and that doesn't help Nick's delusional fantasies much either.

 Then again, considering how THIRSTY Nick is and how he things he is entitled to have absolutely anything he wants  -- that too can happen, and I for one- will not be that surprised. 

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