Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THere is no free lunch or free credit reports. com

My first comment. YAY. I'm at stage in my blogging where I want to write all day. Sooo many people out there and i have so much to share. Hubby is listening disabled. My kids are not special and the nanny has her hands full. Did I make that up? Gosh, not bad.
Anyhoo, I was very excited by the first comment and its complimentary nature. But, I do wish it wasn't someone anynomous. I love you anonymous. I've had twelve profile views! Is that good? I suspect not. You'd think when a soccer mom puts herself on the line and admits that she is the worlds most active and still uncaught murderess she'd get a few more hits to her new blog. Oh well. The world is so overpopulated. I am debating lots of things- should I put up graphic pictures of my crimes to draw readership? and if so how grisly is to grisly and it is allowed. Should I post my children's lousy art attempts?Should I post all the poetry and beauty I have in me? The latter is the biggest IF. Cuz, nobody reading it then is going to be a bummer. Cyberspace. Yoohooo.

I just woke up so nothing on the news has inspired my ire. life and the days can be longs and anything can happen. I'm waiting for Rev. Wrights retaliation. FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT.COM.
How do they afford to play that commercial over and over and over and over and over? Is there such a rabid demand for free credit reports that aren't really free when you go to the above mentioned website. Off to starbucks for a mochashino latte grande and then to the farmers market for a pristine peice of fruit. I pay 12 dollars a pound there for oranges but I feel safe that its worth it as it makes me save the planet and not infect me or my family with god knows what. I shudder to think what inorganic farmers do to produce.
Global warming is a pressing concern for any worthwile person. someone said to me one that the homeless problem is more pressing. Well, the homeless are the ones who really need to worry about climate. They don't have shelter. DUH. I hope I see that girl by the bustop on my way to starbucks- she always has a plastic bag- adn I give her the stinkiest stink eye. Plastic bags make me very very judgemental. She might have to be dealt with if she persists.

Yesterday, was a toughie. So many people showed bad character. Still, though i am plotting my next kill, I was relatively mellow.
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