Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogosphere I AM HERE

So much spillage of blood and guts could have been prevented if I could just put my anger and creativity somewhere, I think. But, as it stands, outlets seem very out of reach. I've tried comedy, poetry, writing, and I will tell you in later posts of my experiences with them and how they only led me to crime and punishment. I do understand raskolnikov and though he only killed one crone, me and him would get along if he existed. Dostoevsky is long dead and J.D salinger seems a most wary recluse since the joyce maynard debacle and his daughters brutus book. Ach. My husband certainly works hard and we have a lovely and impressive lifestyle. But, as the silent killer of so many souls I yearn to share and be more. To tell you all of each grisly crime and my tricks. I'm reading a book called, "Blog Shmog." By Robert Bly. I thought he was that big shot inspirational writer but it turns out that he is a marketing writer and not the famous one. Odd. Still, his book suggest that blogging is pathetic and I don't neccesarily disagree but I have no choice. I am still trying to grasp linkage and freeds, and how I could get a vast readership. I know that it is trendy but to have autistic kids but I just see it as confusing. They don't really get me and I don't get them. They are incapable. I won't kill them. I only kill those who deserve it. they are not cruel and they don't insult my pride. There lies the reason and the impetus. My thoughts? Your thoughts?
Who would guess that a woman who has commited over 70 perfect crimes can't get a hearty response when she screams out to cyberspace. Perez Hilton does not deserve more than me!!!!
I hate L.A. later, taters.
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