Sunday, May 18, 2008

Delmont Kleins's lithium love poem and art by one of the wonderful sisters

Thought it was some fine romance
Sleeping and eating less
Seeing each

other at every chance
I wrote her poetry
Sometimes sweet
often silly
who’s the boss ?
You Are
I wrote in one stanza
Reffering to
tony danza

Or a verse
She was the catcher
And I’d hit a home run
And thus was at home plate
Food was for mortals— immortals weren’t fat
I lost a lot of weight.
The gifts she gave my present
Manna from the heavens
Peppered my salty past
I ate so little it could be called a fast
Slim and spouting poetry,
no better could be my soulmate
Buzzing buzzing
like a crazy bee
She loved me and I she
Silly Silly Silly whoopee.

What a prize I
She must have thought with a sigh
Thoughs and thoughts about
Love and chance and destiny,
fate and flaws and about
the difference between beautiful and plain

She was a genius to know I was one
It felt like folly for a prophet such as me
to have such fun

I told her that we were comets
Came to earth as shooting stars
We didn’t have orbit-- but hung out at bars.
She tittered but didn’t look too impressed
We did the deed that can only be done undressed

I told her lets not postpone the inevitable
Move into my place
She told me needed to reevaulate
And some bullshit.
About boundaries and her needing space

Said she I was too instense ,
Wasn’t sure about committing
was still on the fence
I called her a moron
Said nice knowing you as

if she was past tense

She told me I was
crazy nuts
I told her to go read about me in the bible
I told her if people were teeth,
I was wisdom and she was a molar
She told me
she was sure
I was bipolar
This bitch was sassing me
like Kelly ripa does to Regis
irritating me, to say the least
when I was more like jesus

I felt anger,
but wasn’t some bum
I held my temper some
She poured me some soda –ginger ale

soon after,
my flights of fancy had gone stale
And the divine mosaic
was but prosaic
We slept in separate beds.
I pinched her toes and she arose
to tell me that
The soda she’d served

was chock full of meds.
Da dad um

dad a dum
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