Thursday, May 8, 2008

I see I do not yet have mass readership. As I practice patience I will post this.
Oh my I have been overtaken by events which have prevented me from visting with you dear blogosphere. The anonymous person who made that comment on one of my posts must miss me. I can practically feel their need ,so I will take time out of my highly prescheduled day and share with you the events of my last two days which were nothing short of very very odd.
You see, I have bad knees and shin splints so I am taking a year break from the serial killing. The best way for me to abstain and not become antsy is to mind my own business as much as humanly possible. As I get older I venture out less and less. I have witnessed this in many people. At first, when young, and then through about the age of 32 there is a societal cue that permeates even the most nonconformist, and that is – get away from the four walls and do do do. Teens are plagued by this, impelled by some societal force that says to them that Saturday night is when the going out better occur. Many a teen in my day would deny seeing Saturday night live and yet slip up in conversation and make it obvious that they indeed did see the show. Nowadays, with Tivo it would easier to fib about such things. Nowadays, Saturday night live is so very very bad that seeing it or not seeing it is inconsequential. And then comes an age where going out is more stress than pleasure. My grandmother was in the holocaust and at about age 60 she found what she wanted in an lazy boy reclining chair and a midsize screen tv. From 60 to 84 when she died I don't think she burned more than 2000 calories. My mother, also in the holocaust, has at the age of 69, found all she can tolerate on a couch and on the cable network news shows. She is particularly critical of some of the weathercasters and of the d├ęcolletage displayed by most of the female news anchors on fox tv. She more than once a day makes me look and see how much bosom is poking out of these anchor woman. And we both decry the absence of modesty in this society. I can easily see an incipient hermitism creeping into me. But, back to my main point. Pardon that frilly tangent.
So, I mind my own business. I am not Christian and yet I follow the golden rule more than most I’ve encountered. I do not however turn the other cheek very well. I have stood by the notion that if I do not do anything to transgress on the well being of another then if one transgresses on my well being in a truly offensive way, I am entitled to let forth my considerable verbal arsenal. Mind you, this very rarely occurs because I am very very hard to offend.
I was taught by masters put down artists and in the rare instance when my righteous ire is provoked, I relish making use of such skills. Perhaps, this notion is not very utilitarian. Perhaps, I should brace myself with more intensity and try to turn the other cheek when I see or experience an injustice. God knows it has not been a complacent ride. But as it stands I baste in rightousness and am willing to be misunderstood as a crazy ill tempered type if my mission( to teach a lesson etc) feels necessary. I do wish I could be calmer at such moments but my body chemisty seems to make that very difficult.
Such an incident has occurred and since I have taken a year off from my more nefarious occupation mentioned in former blogs, I am particularly consumed by wronging a right. Fully aware of the the impression in makes in non confrontational types and utterly cognizant that I will encounter invective and resistance in the process, I go forth, because … I can. Me and Bobby Mgee, in so many words.
There is a school of recent thought. There has been for some time a vapid, fatous, hollow, insipid trend in human relations. The use of words concocted by the premier pop psychologists and Oprahfied into solidity and devoured by the masses—words such as boundaries, toxic, space, dysfunctional thrown out there and left to rot the souls of so many. And souls are rotting as we speak (at an alarming rate) It most likely truly started with the new age movement and the multicultural post modern deconstructionist psychobbable cultural infusion. The relatively recent usage of these words used to obfuscate the complex and mind enhancing behaviors of unique and complex human natures. I witnessed it firsthand and now in particular I am a victim of it. Someone is accusing me of not having “boundaries.” Obscene. WTF. This someone infringed on my rights and fearing my far superior intellect is now using false accusation and nebulous declarations, “ I feel she doesn’t know about boundaries.” to thwart my legal machinations. One throws out a word taught by Dr. Shill or by assorted other charlatans and a language gets created that serves no purpose. Absolutely none.
This person, I was told, has only read one book in her life.- a book about narcissism. As she is convinced that her mother is one and so this book must seem a bible to her. A consumer of pop psychology who is not versed in other more enlightening schools of thought is a danger and I will outline why in a further entry. I imagine she has flipped through the DSM as well in search of a meaningless understanding of human behavior. Thusly, she is let loose to brand those “toxic.” Or brand strangers with assorted personality disorders concocted by those who need to publish or get funded of whatever these PH.D or MD’s need to do to stay gainfully employed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it too. For instance, I have branded her a sociopath. I do believe that DSM entry has some accuracy. Some people seem to lack conscience. The things that seem right to the majority don’t register with them. So I think this person is a sociopath based on her actions which don’t seem to recognize others humanity. A simple observation and so I declare that the only useful categorization that I can foresee is “sociopath.”
Oh how I may sound like a kook or even a borderline to the chronic diagnoser. So be it. Anyhoo, my original intent on starting this blog and even this entry is being sidetracked. So be it. Grisly photos are on their way but that will have to wait another day.
In short, LOL. I have been visited by two handsome detectives. It was not disappointing. They looked so very scenic. Black suits, both well over 6 feet tall. And, they made it clear that my legal machinations were more effective that I could have ever dreamed. I had no idea when I posted to datalounge how many others were out there who disliked, were unaware of, or despised this person in question. It so rarely is personal when one trespasses upon you. I’ve learned that long ago. There are always other victims. Still, legal settling of scores seems necessary to maintain a semblance of cosmic equilibrium. And so I shall.
The person in question wants to believe that I alone find her deeply distasteful. I await the court hearing to contest this with great anticipation and my gathering of evidence fulfills the lawyer potential I’ve never as of yet realized. I did well on the LSAT’s and was slated to go but I don’t think I was well suited and I mean that literally. I hate dressing professionally and especially wearing a dress sock or socks. I wear dress socks and the vulnerable feeling it inspires in me ruins my whole day. I also hate dress shoes. But, that is besides the point.
Her statement to the police is so full of holes and easily proven lies that I read it with something bordering on ecstasy. I now must fight or accept a restraining order against someone I have no decipherable animus towards. I simply never knew her and only have developed a rational wrath and a desire for comeuppance because of certain principals that form the core of my philosophies about humanity and life and justice. This person is under some very twisted impression that she is being harassed and stalked. Or more likely she is meanspirited and simply wants to hurt someone she doesn’t even know. Her reasoning eludes and eludes. Is she a paranoiac? I can’t be sure.
The evidence I’m compiling will show that it is I who is being harassed. When no apology or acknowledgment follows very bad behavior, then trying to confront her and ask her why she did it or posting to a message board about said event simply doesn’t qualify as harassment. She is inventing more onerous accusations as she knows she must to avoid a filing fee and to have a chance against someone with quadruple intelligence.

So once again things get Kafkaesque and bracing and steeling oneself become the main form of physical exertion. I am suddenly bound by all sorts of hazy entreaties and warnings and as I mentioned before, I find the penitentiary to be undesirable, I will abide by them completely and will stay with any legal framework. I was informed by one of the nice handsome detectives that I can post on the internet and so I will and ask any datalounger who is well aware that those posts were made by many others that were not I, please e-mail me. This may be needed at a future date. If it was in fact Melinda Hill then please contact me. Especially, I ask the person who knew her and mentioned the abject failures she has endured, to write me here and discuss this further. She being the nicknamed wart of a woman that has caused all this … thisness. Let it go. Let it rest. I’ll fail this test. I will remain a pest despite her behest. Let it go. Let it rest. Stomp on pride. That’s your choice. But restoring it causes rejoice. Make me squeak, but won’t quell the boom of my voice. When you Used brass knuckles on the golden rule. Hard knocks brought me out of the world and back to school and the Lessons I need to teach those who we can’t reach.

Well, I just wrote that and I want to say fool after school. but I just find it wrong. I doubt that qualifies as a poem of any sort but this is my blog and I am entitled to all sort of things. I am almost sure I have ADD and so this blog will go out to you unedited, as is etc. I simply can’t sit still another moment. Bless, and have a fine day.

The price of gas is alarming but I must pretend it is worth it to have a mammoth gas guzzling SUV to keep my kids safe when I carpool them to their miserable little learning centers. I still haven’t figured out how to link things and it is sorely compromising the hits I get. I see HTML, and I freeze up. Just can’t go there as of
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