Thursday, May 8, 2008

My goodness. I have heard someone say “threw me under the bus’ for the 45th time this week. These cliche3s just enter the domain and you can’t get rid of them. A Dr. Phil guest hads just said it now for the 46th time. When I started this blog it was because I didn’t want to deal with the age inapopriateness inherent in Myspace. I am an an adult married woman and it just felt wrong and I would have to answer to many questions . So, I started this blog and anticipated I’d share recipes, maybe even make mock of recipes I found unsuccessful. I thought I’d comment on my tiresome children and my specter of a husband. But, all in an upbeat and positive way. Or as the woman on Dr. Phil just said, “ I was an awesome wife.” I thought I would talk about things that brought a smile to my as of yet unearthed readership. But, looking it over just now, I see it has devolved or evolved into something entirely different. I do have one loyal reader who in fact is not related to me in any way shape or form and for him or her I Sisyphus it up again. It is also possible that the carbuncle comedian with the precious nom de fume is reading this and that is fine as well.

I wanted to share the things they share on Myspace- the songs I’m listenings to and what mood I’m in. But, frankly who gives a shit about that. Yet some persist in telling us these self referential things and it is clogging up the blogsphere and who knows how much bandwidth is being lost and will be hard to come by in the future. I have no idea how this whole internet business works. Absolutey none and I’ve used it for some time. I never understood how the televion or radio worked either. My brain doesn’t seek answers yet. But, I’ve learned many many things in my day and this year more than most. I have all the major traumas and challenges in one short year. Trauma and challenges were not foreign to me in any way, and yet having a major operation which wasn’t anticipated in advance, having my first in love or infatuation or in hate or whatever it was( not with my husband- I barely ever even liked him), being told that my mother is very likely dead in 6 months, and now having detectives enter my home are milestones to me and all within a one year period. The other soccer moms don’t know about most of it but they see I am under strain and they tell me to go to mazatlan. I nod my head and wonder if any of them are hemophiliacs. If they are then the killing is a matter of just one stab. I never enjoyed the exertion that accompanies the slayings etc. But, alas hemophilia mostly occurs in males. I know…. I worked for the hemophilia foundation for 2 grueling and joyless months this year. The non profits are just as miserable as the profits, I tell you. Don’t get me started on Helena and Linda. What sows, what dreadful sows they were.
I just found a piece of evidence that will crush my nemesis. For the record, I mean crush figuratively.

I am reading the works of the spinster sisters. Two sisters who for complex reasons are as of yet obscure but who when like the sharks fin they hit the top of the water – oh that will be some day. Looking at the foul carbuncle fig locharo’s blog I see that those who aggressively seek the spotlight have better odds. That is obvious, in general. But, in this case it is glaring beyond belief. She is either aspergers or a genuine dimwit. Couple that with shameless self promotion and she, at least, thinks she is going to be a big star. Couple shameless self promotion, clinging to a lousy comedian who excelled not only at shameless self promotion but slept her way to the ……. I am having a hard time typing the word top. More like a climb up a sham mountain that turns to quicksand once one reaches it’s zenith. Well, didn’t I lose focus again. I did. Well, couple all those supposedly undesirable qualities and she must might "make it."

The spinster sisters. Back to those two dear diamonds. I am reading their collected works and I will post some of them when my readership reaches a hard 100 hits. I promised pics in previous posts. Pics. Pics. People like pics. I like pics. But, that will involve uploading and I am not in the mood which if I was on myspace I might tell you was …. Anticipatory. I have a little lawyer living in me that can’t wait to come out on May 28th. I recently posted my recipe for aragula pudding but the webmaster took it down. A run in with a webmaster. Who knew? Gotta run. Not literally, as I mentioned. I have shin splints and bad knees. Gotta hobble. Cyberspace, come for a visit. I have such goodies for you.
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