Saturday, May 10, 2008

Testing the waters. Testing the waters. Feeling the freedom of not minding the social censure that can come when there is a suspicion that you are unhinged. It is a new millenium and the modern is now post and a new century is in the offing. Let's try to have more fun, People. C'mon reach for that inner child and come up with something better than f#rt jokes. Jesus, I'm bored of all the boring people. You don't need to serial kill to spice it up but i implore each of my statistically insignifigent readership to liven the hell up. Robots never took off as a concept because so many of you have become robots that it would be redundant. I came here to post some of the fabulous works of the sweet, silly and sagacious spinster sisters but my dumb dog is going to soil the persian if I don't get him out there now.
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