Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yo, Terry Shiavo

This weathered adrogyne is the one who introduced me to a raw foods diet. Her eyebrows are as lush as a forest so maybe the raw foods are working. As for me, today, i ate only raw again and I feel sluggish and snobbish, so I might go back to cooked foods sooner than later. As a serial killer, I would not want a raw food eating victim as matters of digestion are complex and the coroner would have a clearer picture of time of death and so on and that is NEVER good.
She is a comedian and she says the same jokes over and over and over again throughout the land so she needs to have a good memory and raw foods can't hurt. I still am having trouble figuring out what is raw raw and just raw. Till now I've been laboring under the impression that food was raw until it was cooked. Live and learn. I found other fun images and am excited to have uploaded this to my blog. I can feel the internet traffic, bumper to bumper, heading my way. Maybe, I was mistaken by thinking that me being a serial killer with a blog was novel and would attract a rabid fanbase. Maybe, I assumed that I needed a gimmick to get a windfall of hits and comments and other fun things that should go along with a successful blog. Arianna Huffington really does blog well and I wish I had her tonya harding level ambition. Arriann Huffington is a beast. But, arriana unlike tonya wasn't sloppy and she does well for herself. "Why me? Why me? Why me?" Nancy Kerrigan wailed and then I felt the first stirring of what would turn out to be a bottomless bloodlust. Why not, dear. Why not you? And that is why I am using dated references. Otherwise I would not bring up tonya harding as i know much has gone on since and would better be served. Wanting Tonya to take it much further was my first inkling that my future held enourmous amounts of blooshed. That, admittedly , is a roundabout way brings me back to the comedy world and my take on it. Oh dear god, my normal teen is trying to talk to me about some inane topic that the teens must been into nowadays. She wants to share with me her passion about Hanna Montana and she thinks I think it is normal and fun and that i love her because that's what mothers are supposed to do, to love, their own children even if their children are tag along conformist sheepy weepy little fools. My blood feels like a red fudgicle when a product of my loins shows herself to be so pedestrian. It makes me think about pedestrians in L.A and how funny I find the crosswalks here. How amusing I find it when I see the gays and lesbians on santa monica modifying their walks as they try to galumph, mince, prance, or strut down the crosswalks on Santa Monica Blvd. They've escaped their small towns to be bigot free , free to be here and there and queer and better get used to it everywhere and to have margarita flavored mojitos, and nachos prepared in ways never foreseen by the mayas . To keep that blvd abuzzing through famine, war, pestilence, and here they have brave the crosswalks, to walk in their telling way for all the cars to see and they have to trust that the hummers and other offensive vehicles are going to stop. And the drivers are making judgementst that they never will hear unless a rowdy homophobe says something in hearing distance. But they must get to hamburger marys on nacho night or tequila tuesdays or gay wedding wednesdays or sizemeat saturdays. and so cross they do.Crosswalks?Future post? I think so. Much to mine in that shaft. Which brings me back to the gays which brings me back to the blacks and jews and muslims and christians and the Chinese, and all the opinions I have on all of it. I've already shown myself to be a non-proponet of the brevity is the soul of wit credo spread by terse and pithy bastards who probably didn't have much to say in the first place. I've already revealed too much, too soon, and in the future regret might get met. Or not, as I regret almost nothing. After this, I am going to try to find my blog shmog book and see how to link. I'm reading a book on revenge and it is dissapointing. I was surprised that it got published but then realized that it was actully self published. I must look into self publishing my memoir, at once. Then again my blog is doing wonders to that unpleasant bubbling over with information feeling that plagues me. My sister checked a book out on anger and she wants me to read it. I know it will just get me angry and so I won't. I love the library. I am a wealthy soccer mom as I have made clear. I have a Lexus SUV, a Volvo Station Wagon, a mini cooper for frisky occassions, and a Hybrid for times when the occassion calls for the appearance of responsible citizenry. .I have three houses , a vespa, and two scooters. I have it all, as they say. Why do I tell you this? Because it is clear I can support my local bookseller and not go to the library. But, my local bookseller is a little hunchbacked bitch who wouldn't carry my book( not my memoir, another one which was a modern classic) and so it is strictly barnes and noble and the library for me. I just found out that the individual shown in the picture above is a vocal Obama Supporter. Just between me and you dear blog, I find her to be like an inflamed pimple on a hirsute boy's balls. I see it as a brutish boring brownshirt trying to harm the brilliant jew, and it feels quite unacceptable. but that's just me, a bitter branch of the family tree. hee hee. Sanity, abbey. Sanity. Show it or you'll blow it. Sanity. repeat after me. Sanity. Hee hee.
I feel that I will hit that esteemable 100 hits today or tomorrow, and will feel more emboldened to talk of my crimes and my kids and whatever the damned hell I please, really. Comments are welcome. I hold those who moderate their comments in very low regard. If someone is going to put up something that repulses that persons comments should be shown. I learned this in the spann that I've been blogging when I read leslie's blog. I wrote some very amusing comments about her posts which could only be excusable if she is in a vegetative state( and because human vegetables can't access computers I must assume she is not in such a state) and she has not posted them on
Could it be? Is it that easy to link? I can't believe it. my first link!! Hooray taters.
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