Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well, I've been unable to blog and it is a terrible thing. Many days and many events and many ventures.

Where to start?

The muffin business is going quite smoothly. Libby's husband runs a polling company and we got him to poll a large pool of americans. He didn't do it for free but we certainly got a discount. The poll results were encouraging. 8 out of 10 americans like or love muffins and there are very few americans who feel strong negative emotions towards them. Some had very strong positive reactions to muffins, and this bodes well for our business.

Of course, it's not as easy as that. First, I have to quell my insatiable blood lust long enough to make a business plan etc.

Molly is on my nerves and she wants to make a hybrid muffin and scone and call it a muscone. I can't say that it doesn't have merit but I'm, at this point, married to the muffin idea and can't cope with any innovation bullshit.

We'll wait and see.

Another woman from my select social circle has joined our venture and her name is Ally. The name isn't perfect for a cozy muffin business but she is very bright and I want her as an ally. Pun not intended but welcome nonetheless. Ally has been going through some terrible life issues and dealing with doody balls in human disguise. I plan to take her under my wing and teach her all I know about the legal things she can do to avenge evil etc. Unlike me she is non violent and too disorganized for successful serial killings. I've never wanted to mentor another in the arts of multiple and merciless slayings, but this Ally just really seems a soulmate and I am so happy she moved to santa monica and joined "put a cork in it." This should be fun.

Gotta run. A task is at hand that can't be accomplished in the confines of my estate. very soon, taters.
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