Saturday, May 10, 2008

the world has become so so... reductive. So much is being reduced and reduced and it feels that the world or america is a shell of its former self. I write out of passion and thwarted passion and optimistic passion and because I just bought pizza hut and the medium pizza is really a small and they forgot my blue cheese sauce for the wings that I also bought and then there was an amputee walking on Cherokee(I'm staying in West Hollywood for the weekend to be with mom on the guilt inducing business driven special day) Nothing original about me pointing out that mothers day is a sham and everyday should be mothers day but still I have bought the card and the present and will be extra special sweet tommorow. Back to the amputee walking on Cherokee(where the pizza hut is btw) and how the amputee was walking very unsteadily and I couldn't see him that well through my car window but he looked like a drug addict. transient .shattered .unlucky. or whatever we call the people that make us sad .my will to live escaped me yet again. The man with the shot off face, the tottering amputee, the dupe of a pizza, the girl in front of me on line with the hoodie engraved with "juicy couture "and the true religion jeans on a mishappen ass, and the bovine eyes, the missing and most likely never to be claimed blue cheese dressing. It is now 5.11 P.M pacific time and this day is not for the memory books. I will eat my wings naked. Not me. The wings because of the bluecheese that they forgot. Are hate and contempt different I wonder.
Bluetooths. Bluetooths. I can't wait to tell this yawning gaping maw called the blogoshpere what I think of that. It feels after this is going into the high tech abyss. But, it is my therapy. My shoulders feel less rigid since I began to blog. I don't mention my serial killing issue in this entry, because I can't even imagine how I had the energy to slay so many and I feel like a normal responsible citizen at the moment. . It was and will be hard work. But, it is what I do. Brutal regimes and juntas are on my mind. I think Enya and Yanni should do a record together.
What else? So much. Getting ready to self promote and join the rats for one more try. off to make a large order of muffins. yay.
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