Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary go go go

My goodness, I was about to quit with this blogging and there comes a comment and it tells me to keep writing and so I shall. The other thing it said made me blush and so I won't repeat it. Thank you very much dear anonymous, I wish you would reveal your name but this blogosphere is a quiet and mysterious place and I can't blame you. It amazes me that law enforcement agency haven't found my blog . You would think they would google serial killer to see if some cold or hot case killer maybe has written a blog. I know amanda knox had a myspace and I'm sure if Aileen Wournos was alive today she would blog. John Wayne gacy would too. And, he would sell his clown pictures on e-bay to boot. Poor guy. missed that boat.

I wonder if i'm showing up in any search engines. I don't want to look for fear of dissapointment and then having to figure out how to get on a search engine in the first place. I've tried to add an element to my page in the hope that some sprucing will draw in the crowds. I don't even know what happened but i put java and html on it, and i wish I knew what that meant. Once feels an old fogey every 3 months nowadays. Feeds, java, blue ray, what's it all about Georgie? That is an Alfie reference and makes me really look like a fogey but better a fogey than a .... fill in your own blank. I'm tired. I am here to tell Hillary to keep going. The light of truth might still shine on this atrophying nation and reveal obama for the shyster he is . Stay in it, please, dear Hillary.
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