Saturday, May 10, 2008


someone has hacked my account and please ignore the last post. It was not I. I'm starting a muffin business with my friends maggie and amy. we cannot go wrong with our names. Abbey, Aimee, and maggies muffins. So quaint. So cozy. So upscale and casual at the same time. The smell of lifestyle at its most stylish mixing in with the yummy muffin and robust coffee bean odor. No, not odor-- aroma. LOL. Pomegranate muffins will be my contribution. I make it from scratch. Get cozy as you kill antioxidants will be how I'll market it. Please, come to our venice location and say hi when we open in the summer. I see tea being a bigger part of the american future so I assure you all that we will have a wide variety of premier teas from every corner of the world and we will do research to assure that the tea growers are making a living wage. I don't know how we'll go about that but we must for us to a viable alternative to the cupcake craze. I feel the waning of the this and that berry frozen yogurt madness so there is a gaping whole that will be filled with muffins( and possibly a very impressive tea menu). Think about it. Muffins.

late tater,
abbey with an e
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