Sunday, June 1, 2008

follow through and delmont and self scanning and

There was a mini revolution at the local Ralphs today. A large line of disgruntled shoppers said , "NO." to the self scan whosamagig. . The line was 30 deep and the ralphs manager was trying to shoo us all to the self scanner and no one budged. The real human checkout people were no where in sight. I tried to rally the group even more but the line slowly, very slowly, moved towards the real man cashier and once more, a revolution was lost.

The Jetsoning of the world is too much too soon. Maybe that's what this blog should be about.
I've revealed that I am the most prolific and merciless of serial killers. I've invited all (without moderation) to peek into my world of upscale lifestyle/serial killing. Still, I figure my readership is not what it should be. So, now that I've once again sniffed out the zeitgeist, and that is that humanity is in opposition to the self scanner . I spoke to a customer service woman at Washington mutual and she talked like a machine. Machines and robotic phoniness are everywhere. I invit my small and silent readership to come on and voice their outrage at the attempted elimination of the supermarket checkout woman or man. C'mon. Let's do this!!

I am not very into blogging today. But, I am into follow through. I have committed to a year of following through. This will involve appealing a travesty of justice, and other things. There has always been a pleasure in trying to undo an injustice and this one is a doozy. The spinster sisters need my organizational skills and derring do and since I couldn' t help delmont klien while he lived, I must commit to making them happy in their lifetimes.

Still, Delmont deserves some blog today.


by delmont klein

The huddled masses

still are yearning.

I must go though,

my toast is burning

Dreams are dying as I mutter,

Where in the hell did I put

the butter?

Ah and ach ,

and such is life

I utter

applying cheese with a knife.

The rats race


their workplace

The birds fly

on by

I spread more cream cheese

on the toast

when it's butter I want most.

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