Sunday, June 8, 2008

I know. I know. It's been awhile. You probably think I just gave up on this blogging business. Well, I might have. But, since this blog is not about me anymore, I have to continue. This blog permits me to give a shout out to the universe, so to speak, as they say, and whatnot. And, I have a lot of shout outs in me. The muffin business and serial killings are just a small part of my current reality. The muffin business is going according to plan.... Satan's plan. That is. In turns out that the polling company that I told you about ,which ran the polls on muffins and how they were the pastry to beat businesswise, has been exposed for racketeering. I don't even know what that is but those polls are under a heavy cloud of suspicion and we are just blindly hoping that muffins and tea with the right feng shui interiors will have all us stay at home moms emerge from this bloody year as entrepeneurs. Cupcakes and frozen yogurt have reached critical mass, and us ladies are there to fill the gaping hole that will be left when they collapse completely. I had a pinkberry the other day and I wanted to hurl right there. I could barely finish my single serving. Libby was at magnolia bakery and she said that the tides are turning againts cupcakes as well. So, as you can see there is certainly potential for this venture.
So, obama won. My circle is very happy. They are loyal party members and despite their shallowness and hollowness as people, they are loyal to the democratic party. Ask them why and they scrunch up their idiot faces and begin spouting about how they support a woman's choice and the gays right to marry and blah blah. I nod my head and add, " and the children. The children's right to healthy air." I have to fit in as a serial killer. Not fitting in will result in death row, most probably. Well, he won and Hillary lost. And, I feel like we've all lost. But fuck that. I've concluded that I've overestimated this "we." business. Year by year, and day by day, I'm starting to see that this we is just me wanting a we to be. Which reminds me of evelyn and crabtree. And, it makes me wonder how their stocks are doing. Has the luxury bath and shower market suffered with the gas prices? Are people going back to soap? Anyone know?
My circle hasn't used bar soap since the 80's and I do wonder if all the plastic used on bath gels and shower gels is what really caused global warming. just a thought. Not even a theory. So, don't flame. Or do. Till my blog becomes an international sensation I can't afford to lay groundrules. There might come a day where I can be cocky and full of myself over this blog and cast aspersions on my readers and all that fun stuff. But, as a newbie blogger I am in no need of humility and so don't even try to stick me with any. LOL.

Having an almost nonexistent readership is liberating. I've been able to ramble and ramble and not have to pretend that I'm sorry for doing so. But, today, as I see I've reached the 300 mark I feel a bit inhibited. There is no way those are all me checking how many reads I've had and there must be about 50 or so that are strangers. Have they bookmarked me? God willing, am I a feed? Can they make me into a pod cast? What is a pod cast? I still don't even know what an I-pod does. ROFL. I do remember there was a movie called "invasion of the body snatchers." and all the people were robbed of their individuality and became "pod people." There has been many well read or well viewed works about the perils of conformity. Ironic? Tragic? Obamatrauma?

Luckily, I have enough good looks and dress sense to be seen as "eccentric" in my circle. When they see me walking around with my big ole honking sony walkman they just smile and say, "That's are abbey. out of touch with the times," rather than, "Abbey is crazy or is lying about having any money and can't afford an ipod." When they see me as an eccentric I have to supress my bloodlust. As much as I want to unleash it -- the reality is that I can only indulge it very seldomly. My, I have a headache. I must go take an organic aspirin and put on some ionized air and wait for it to leave before I can give you any more blog, my tiny but precious viewership. I'll be back. Ouch my head....
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