Monday, June 9, 2008

It turns out that it was just a bruise not a sprain and I'm back to blog away. It appears I have one or two new viewers and that is exciting. I must find small things exciting as my world fills up with legalese. This old dog is too old to learn legal jargon but so she must. And she will. To the degree that noone will even suspect she is a layman when this is done. I am distressed too by the fact that I just realized that the idea of a serial killing mom has been done by john waters. I am not a fan of his and I truly forgot so to differentiate myself and defend myself I'll say: I'm on hiatus from serial killing and I am in the process of starting a muffin business. I also blog about my dear departed friend, Delmont Klien, and a whole family and their discontents. Yes, the spinster sisters and their sexually static mother. I post photos and poems and I plan to post short stories and even novel excerpts so I don' t think that my blog should be dismissed. Thank you. I have to run and fill out more forms. G'day taters.
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