Tuesday, June 10, 2008

random killing and such

So frustrating hearing about the killer in Tokyo and how once again someone decided to kill randomly. I don't get it. Most people hardly talk out of turn much less get the gumption up to kill and yet when they do they do it so ... so... stupidly. It is beyond rare to hear about someone killing with good purpose or even just torturing someone for good reason. I am constantly dissapointed when I see these school shooters or workplace shooters and now this Tokyo guy. They just hate people? So indiscriminate. So wasteful. I only tend to those who personally have insulted not only me but have insulted the very idea of human potential. Just thought you should know that, taters. Much to do and no time to type away or think up new and sexy ways to make my temptlate work for me. My point in posting: Stop killing willy nilly, nutsos. Once you get up the guts to rid the world of some anathema, do it right, and leave those who did not trespass against you alone. You give mass slayers a bad name. So frustrating.

Spring has brought quite a slew of wretched souls into my sphere. And, now it is time for spring cleaning. If you get my meaning. My kids and Delmont are being so neglected. That is life-- we must neglect much. Or is life something else? You tell me Mr. Blogosphere!
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