Monday, June 30, 2008


My busyness is gone and I am here. I have finally been able to putter around in here and look at the many features offered by this blogger magic. I almost changed my template to denim or roundsers and then I just decided that there is too much going on in general and my angelic yet paltry readership doesn't need any unecessary jolts.

I still am stunned by all of this... internet... for 40 bucks a month. I always think if my father came back to the world he would be so blown away. It would so fun to explain it all to him and watch his reaction to what's happened since the rotary phone.
He was a history teacher and he died 20 years ago. He wouldn't be able to make it make sense. I wonder if he would blog? Doubtful. And if he did, he wouldn't tell me and I'd find out somehow and be mortified.

Anyhow, Obama is once again apearing poised on the tv. He really poses his neck. I can tell. He is a poser and too many are not figuring that out. Well, I'm not going to make any threats that I'm leaving america if he wins. That would be ridiculous. But that will be a very rough 4 years for a lot of us.

I never feel I know enough about policy and what the candidates will offer. I try my best but I just don't feel comfortable being anything other than an independent. I don't see why people feel the need to align themselves with a political party. I agree with many democratic things and some republican things. I really am bored with all this misused passion I see. People getting crazy intense over political parties or sports teams or tv shows. I don't say that in a high and mighty way. I watch my share of tv. But, I just wish there was more passion and intensity shown in human relations and just in everyday life. I'd love to start or even join some real revolutions. really get all that energy and make some real change.

As an adult, it seems silly to join teams. When we were spastic little kids we were desperate to get picked but when I turned 18 I just felt that I had the choice to join or not join and if felt... lonely... but good.
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