Wednesday, July 2, 2008

distractions, change, desire, and technology

Oh dear. Oh dear. Too much going on and all in that all sound and fury way. 1,000 hits and now I am forced to really blog my ass off. I still haven't learned how to link and only my higher power can help me now.

I have been very chatty with my higher party this month. I'm not one of those lucky ones who becomes religious and finds a new religious life. That isn't happening. But,I feel as of late, that I need some outside help and I'm too proud to ask anyone but that perfect perfect entity that is up there and has omnipotence on his resume.

Last night, I was talking to the entity a lot and I can't but feel that the entity is listening. I won't tell you our conversation but it was filled with requests. It is so not a two things with me and my entity because I assume that the entity has no needs as he is completely complete.

Anyhow, I have notebooks of illegible handwriting and some jokes and silliness I'd like to share soon. I'm still unable to get sound on my webcam and I am convinced that all these advances in technology, and my somewhat illogical desire to keep up with them, is making me ... bananas. I still don't know how to put muscic in the mp3 I bought only a week ago and my cell phone frightens me.

Now, I hear of flash drives and feel compelled to know what they do and I am going ... bananas.

For those coming here for stories of my serial killing ways and means, I apologize. I've been sort of incapacitated and I am putting a kibosh on slaying for July.

I've even changed the name of my blog so as not to be misleading. I'm a nice lady for a serial killer.

The muffin business is on hiatus fyi-- libby is jet setting for the summer and maggie is in the hamptons living the high life with all sorts of glossy personalities. I've done all that in the past, and this year I told hubby that I am staying put and just blogging and making sure the help doesn't mutiny etc. The kids are off in camp and they write me retarded letters about the weather and activities and I write them letters than try to hint that I'm not interested. Those kids ruined my stomach's perfecttion and have not offered me any good conversation. Still, if I didn't have them I'd be considered barren and lonesome and so it goes.

Still, though much distractions have gone, new distractions pop up constantly and I am kept from you, bloggy poo.

I'm creepy sometimes.

I plan to return to you this evening and to write something of some concern to maybe someone. I can't know as the viewership has been quite silent. It usually annoys me when anyone other then the british put a "quite" or "rather" before another word. But, i think it fits here somehow.

I must now removed my restless fingers from the keyboard and do things less enjoyable. I have pics and poems and novel excerpts, and art and rap and short stories at the ready. I've learned how to upload long ago and for that I pat my own back.

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