Friday, July 11, 2008

art by sis when she was 12 y.o, muffins, lychees and such and so and whatnot etc.

Well, Pms once again crept upon me and made me forget that I was pms'ing. So all the existential anguish and bell jar blah blah blah was just hormones. Hard to believe, and I must excercise and use primrose oil this time around. I've been saying that for years but this recent bout of such despair and resentment and and all sorts of other emotions that made existence difficult, must be prevented.

I still can't find my niche, blogwise. I want to comment on L.A because It's still somewhat freshly annoying in so many ways but I can't imagine having to neglect my serial killing related blogs or my muffin business aspects or the millions of other sedgeways I want to take. Ie: why do you think the sedgeway scooter thing was such a resounding flop? I suggest that it's because this hybrid skateboard and scooter had a poor ratio of cool/efficiency. Sure, it could get you to your destination quicker but if you recieve too many looks of repulsion on your way to your destination than do you even care, at that point? Most people, despite their feeble protestations, care what others think, and so they will just set the alarm for a little earlier rather than having to witness too much scorn in their fellow man's eyes. I think so. Yes, I do. I am so going to follow through this time and continue with this blog post. I have a severe problem with follow through in the past and that is my biggest goal now: To follow through with my follow through goal.

I've been a virtual joke machine this week and now I just need to follow through and get it all down on tape and then send those tapes out and then propel myself off my computer chair and out to greet the adoring masses, whence they appear.

I never even had a sedgeway joke and see i sort of have one now, but now that I've written it and posted it and some silent eyes may see it, I've lost any joy in it and must make up new ones. My new gimmick: The funny comic lady who never repeats a joke. If she does-- she has to buy you a beer. What do you think?....

Answer me. dammit.

The muffin business is officially troubled. The lychee distributor that libby was getting wholesale prices from, has passed away. The guy who was getting us discount guar gum( an essential ingrediant btw) is getting in from a source that also makes salsa. So, the odds are stacked and salmonella can happen if we keep dealing with him. We'll see. This same shit happened last time: I was ready to launch my spinach pizza business the exact day of the spinach scare. Unlucky? That's always a hard question to answer.

I'm not bald or poor. I have a husband and a normal amount of children(though the chilren are not too normal, but not in they're special(in that good way) way.

I tell you, I'm overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed. I just figured out that it is possible to create a blog in three easy steps. This took me months to realize btw. Then, I feel that the time has come to get a webcam and so I do and I can't figure out how to get sound on it because ... I .... just.... can't. And now I see out of the corner of my eye that I should install.... widgets. Pardon my language, but what the fuck? Fuckity fuck fuck. Widgets, my ass.

I'm starting to feel that this old computer(I)either needs a major upgrade or it needs to be ditched all together. It has some corrupted files, that's for sure. And one of them is the comeuppance file. Even if I do get a new computer i plan to transfer that one over. So, if my arch nemesis( the repulsive carbunkle fig floataro) thinks that all her reckless madness is forgotten she has another thing and another thing... and another thing coming. Until she admits her lies and attempts to undo the damage, she will take up those megabytes and my computer will try to rid itself of this corrupted file. Enough computer analogies!! Geez. There is no end to analogies once you get into the habit. The only moral dillemma I've been slighty troubled with: Is it wrong to despise a roach?

Doesn't the roach, inherently, have enough issues as it is? This particular as ugly as a waterbug , roach is hard on the eyes, dull,below average in intelligence, and worse of all... unsexy. No. just kidding. It's worst quality is probably it's capacity to harm it's superiors.

So, that does, at times, give me pause, or at most, make me question my method of pest removal: bait traps or just smashing it and saving the effort of setting the traps and waiting for it to dissapear. Time will tell. < that cliche assumes that time has a voice and that time doesn't just heal but it will tell you when the scab is gone. But, do you have to apply neosporin and if there's a band aid, how many times do you have to change it. Ah, the lack of ink and paper waste, is making these blog entries, seem.... nutso. But, I'm only really nutso when my hormones make me so. So, I'm sane for the vast majority of the month.

Delmont Kliein!!! The spinster sisters!!! Mommy Henya-- the funniest mommy in the world. How shall I pay you homage and yet maintain both objectivity and brevity? Impossible? Yes.

So, i'll post a short poem and upload an image and hope that destiny runs into fate and that fate e-mails kismet who then conference calls synchronicity who then gets back to me and that my next blog post will find us all in valhalla, bali hai, or utopia and that we all like it there... lots.
Well, that's taken care of. My office program has stopped working and I can't access anything by delmont. Maybe, the picture will still work... It works. Good. I think I'll post my reaction to my new webcam.

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