Thursday, August 7, 2008

grave regrets and revolution in the U.S.A

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking July is over and so is Abbey's vacation from the serial killing. Well, you're half right. I've curtailed my desire to have the body count number in the triple digits by the end of the year, but I've begun in earnest once again to target and then slay.

On the news, yesterday, again with the random artless killers. This time: The anthrax killer. I don't get it. I can only snuff the life out of those who have personally offended me in such a way that forgiveness is not an option. I seem to be rare in that sense. The vast majority of multiple murderers seem to do it haphazardly and without personal aninus. Must I always be the exception to the rule?

August is turning out to be interesting. I was faced with an addiction and I beat it and I was faced with the strongest lust for revenge and I'm dealing with it in a nice sensible way. I am proud of myself and I am also proud of all the deadlines I met. Paperwork for me is agonizing and I got it all done. That is a long story and one that won't make sense to the lay reader, at this point.

As regular readers of my blog might know-- the spinster sisters and the mommy have been faced with some sociopaths. That is not hyperbole-- anyone who would pursue the course these sociopaths have and bear false witness in such a way are safely in evil territory. Mind you, I don't think I've ever found anyone "evil." until these two. I just haven't. I suspect two of my cousins and the comedy manager in austin have the capacity but I was never sure. This time, there is no doubt, and I wish there was.

As humans are wont to do, I am trying to seek precedents and only two are really instructive. in college, both the big boned and smaller boned spinsters had bizzarrely antagonistic first roomates. Both were short jewesses( Not the spinsters, their roomates.) and both set out to slander and revile the spinsters at seperate instutions of higher learning. It first happened to the older smaller boned one with Julie and then somewhat uncannily two years later it happen with lara to to the larger boned spinster. Looking back, it is easy to see and very obvious from the evidence that there was some major lezzie component to the animus displayed by these two wretches. But, the spinsters were much younger and very inoccent in the matters of sex and games and thwarted lust, and so were painfully oblivious to the reason beyond the seeming vendettas. The smaller boned spinster collapsed under julie's fussilade of false accusations and general abuse. The younger one had a third roomate who kept her slightly sane and she took Lara on and slowly but surely decimated her. Lara dropped out in shame and the younger spinster managed to get her B.A in a somewhat timely fashion. And how did the larger boned spinster suceed so? Well, by sheer force of her inherent decency. All the many friends that came to college with lara from stuyvesant highschool began to see that it was lara who was the foul one and began to seek out the friendship of this sister. Lara's credibility was beyond besmirched by just witnessing the basic essence of this sister and she lost. The smaller boned one didn't fare as well, at first. But two years later, she found out in a very freaky way that julie too dropped out due to everyohe turning on her when the older sister dropped out in her first semester. unbeknowst to the smaller boned spinster, she was quite beloved and julie's desire to hurt her backfired on julie in a very big way.

You might be wondering about the lezzie component mentioned. Most are tittilated by such things. I certainly am. Anyhow, there were quite a few instances in both cases where in hindsight it became embarrassingly obvious that these two misbegotten roomates were hot for the sisters and thusly acted so madly.

Moral of the story: Anyone who has tried to hurt these sisters has not done themselves favors. And now, the three lettered sewer slug and her sadsack, stef, will know of grave regret, and that is a promise not a threat and it doesn't insinuate any illegality and so it is safe to say in the U.S.A, kay?

I do wish my headspace could be free of such matters but it can't and so measures large and small are being taken.

I have gone again on a tear. I think I was supposed to talk about my focus group on office supplies. Or maybe I was going to talk about the nature of addiction. I can't recall. I know that according to my research on bloggin one must blog at least twice a week and so it goes and so I am blogging. I hope to return very soon with a more profound reason. I am working on fomenting a revolution so passion is one of my strong suits and hopefully will be more prevalent in my next post.
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