Monday, July 28, 2008

resolutess, slots, and survival.

Hello blog. How are you? I'm fine, thanks. It always seems foolhardy to beleive in luck but I can't help but feel that my luck is changing. I've been dying to get away and one of the spinster sister's friends came along just in time to invite me and the spinster sister to Vegas. Yes, Vegas. It inspired to such poetry:

Moses turned rocks to waters
the lady by the slots turned
my dollar to quarters.
dumb or clever
they push the lever
no luck, what the fuck,
I've lost a buck.

Lousy. I know.
Suffice it to say, I had an interesting time. I won 40 bucks and ate the buffets that were missing in my life and I got some fresh air. In los angeles, I never feel like I'm getting any fresh air. If I walk off in a huff over here I can't say, "I need to get some fresh air." I assume that the desert air is fresh. It felt so.

So many testemants to vulgarity and vacuity in Las vegas . Railed here and there about the state of our culture, but all in all it was a godsend of a trip. As I returned late last night, I resolved to steel myself and get rid of all the unessecary and unpleasant things that have been so present in my present life. No more message boards, no more denying myself physical fitness. In short, I'm going to try my very best to stop all masochism. I recently became involved in a message board and going to vegas and not being able to access the board and realizing that message boards are somewhat addictive and even poisonous has been a gift. It is off my favorite places and I don't even have a desire to peek at it. It was in the end unsatisfying to converse with nameless faceless strangers. That's my unsolicited vice of the day: Stay away from cyber "realities."

just getting away seems to have been the answer I was looking for. Now, I have to return to the more mundane muffins and the husband and the circle of upscale indivuals who constitute my supposed, "social life."

I resolve to only use the computer for writing this blog or writing in general, and for research. I'm starting to get luddite, I fear. Widgets and feeds put me over the edge. I still can't get sound on my webcam and I want to know what a flash drive is for no discernible reason. I want to go back to the stone ages at this point.

This blog post wasn't good at all. I just felt that when I go to vegas it merits a blog post. I could be wrong. I won't make any references to that ad slogan, "what ever happens in vegas stays in vegas." At this time, it is hackneyed, and I didn't do anything scandalous and I have kept my promise to not serial kill till august. So. saying it wouldn't be useful or funny or anything worthwhile.

Seeing the masses coupled up and wearing their casual wear did make me feel murderous at times, but my july promise has been kept.

I'm not inspired to write anymore and so I won't. bye, blog. see you later, probably.
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