Sunday, August 31, 2008

put your twitter in your shi#&*(

For fucks sake, I'm being invited to join twitter by someone I don't think I know. Why would I join this twitter? I haven't been able to rationilize joining myspace or facebook and now twitter is here! Twitter? I looked at it and I can't see it offering me anything of any substance.
Can a handbasket handle all this hell? Can I hear a collective NO. NO to nightclubs with velvet ropes(though I get in!) NO to any lines where a meathead says yay or nay. NO to more yogurt shops will names that only serve to confuse. NO to the apathy of there being a homeless person for every street in L.A(it seems) No to manequins with stuffed bikini breifs. NO to bitches and bastards getting away with it. NO to advertisements on busses that can't be avoided. NO to billboards, also leaves us without choice to ignore. NO to Sad attempts to pretend are coffee is grande or tall or venti. NO to coffee houses without any hope of "cafe society." No to stale scones. Well, that's silly, but I'm sure it's a problem.

Obviously this is rant and Gustave(the name of the King of Sweden Btw) might or might not terrorize some fine people who will suffer and suffer. I knew Hurrican Fay would be a non-event. The king and queen of hurricanes need names such as Gustave and Katrina. Fay, Seth, or Tiffany,I'd bet, will never get above category 2.

Tila Tequila had a million or more My space friends. Need I say more? 30 plus year olds are trudging to twitter when their facebook "friends." suggest they do so. I really feel the world has gotten very lame when I see gray hairs falling in step with this idiocy.

Saw a CNN special on Obama and it confirmed my immediate and lasting impressions of him-- An egotist who could care very little about his fellow man. I can't help but think I'm quicker than most because I figured out that Tyra Banks was wicked from day one of her next failed model show. The people on TWOP took seasons to come to the same conclusion. Obama is no Tyra but I feel sure that it will just take many longer to come around to this fake.

I sense that Michelle Obama doesn't enjoy any of this and resents his ego engorgement.

What else? I predict that Tina Fey will play this v.p pick Palin on S.N.L, and that it won't be funny. Palin sounds like Jiminy Glick's wife, Daisy. Whatever happened to Jan Hooks? Probably producing an episode of "Third watch" or whetever the hell they produce after the fame dissapears.

Labor day-- must arrange labor day events and do fitting labor day things which I think is making a barbecue or ending up on some beach somewhere. I think wings and jalapeno poppers should be served at some point to a bevy of revelers. I'm not sure.
Maybe fried zuccini and potato skins with fixins are more appropriate. Or is that for the fourth of July? Oh, these specialized mondays are stressing me out. On Veterans day I made a spinach dip and it felt all wrong.

Either way, I plan to live well, always make appetizers, and get the best revenge. Is that the quote?

I've done my bit to foment a revolution today. And you?
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