Monday, September 1, 2008

garbage removal, gustav vs. Ivan, and neutrality

Who knew? I made an effort to put my blog on some engine where some hypertext is added to some metafilter and then sucumbs to some widget, and I wake up this morning to two lovely comments and the urge to blog once more. Now, I must learn to link so I can add Paz and Rt to my blog somehow. I am officially a member of the blogosphere, yo.

I've come to the conclusion that we are no longer in a rat race but we've become scurrying gerbils scurrying through cyberspace and elswhere. This twitter business led me to this conclusion. We've become a race of scurrying self promoting little rodents.

Good morning, blogosphere. The levies are holding and so must we. Gustave was no Ivan and that makes sense if you know that Ivan was the terrible and Gustave was the monarch of a notoriously neutral country. It makes me certain of some sense and so my serontonin stays at a manageable level. I'm starting to visualize my serontonin at this point. It rises and falls with tides that are near impossible to measure.Still, some clues are there. Compliments and accomplishment seem to raise it and insults and failure seem to lower it.

Oh no! Now that I have two non anonymous readers I'm getting a little anxious.

So, I'm going to brace myself and try to discuss one particular topic and that will be.... let's see....

Neutrality! Why not. I hate it. Hate it. I am no stranger to dialectical thinking and am pretty sure that most stories have two sides etc. I don't doubt that even the most irational find rationale in their actions. But, barring misunderstandings, one side is righter than the other. In other words, Tit is more deserving of commiseration than Tat. And, that is not dirty talking involving a bosom, and some hip way of saying tatooo. That is a statement about moral equivelency, my friends. Tit for tat is often not that. Perhaps, I should let the caffeine sink into my blood before I continue my rant on moral equivalency. Yes, that's wise. Moral Equivalency is profound stuff and my synapses are still half asleep.

And, then I will give my sweet reader(s) my rant on acronyms or AKA MROA. Yes. And then, I will discuss the de-evolution of man and the current state of universal infantalism. Ah, it's exciting.

Oh, yes. I just became aware that someone named seth olenick requests that I take down a picture of the repulsive and dessicated tig notaro from my blog. She's a highly irrational individual and one must abide. So, I will.
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