Saturday, September 6, 2008

Goren the maverick with hideous headlines and spent alliterative prowess

Well, I was wrong in my sense that the frozen yogurt craze is abating. Bitterly wrong. As I said, yesterday I was forced into being around the pinkberry on sunset blvd and there was a line! A line! Last week, I was walking down santa monica blvd. and all the bars were empty on a tuesday but the angelina yogurt place was packed and there were lines! So, when I said about 2 weeks ago that everyone had literally and figuratively had their fill of this korean yogurt with garnishes of exotic fruit and or cereal and chococale chips it was more a product of wishful thinking than realitiy on the ground, as they say.

On the way to this ultimate frisbee nonsense, one of the boys did tell me an interesting tid bit-- The Blue Mango was really the original genius behind the revival of frozen yogurt as the cocaine of our times. So it started with blue mango and for some reason of which I'm yet not sure pink berry captivated the audience and spurned sherry berry ,togo berrr, bling berry, cheri oteri berry, yogo toga, cantaloop, and all other imitators. Poor Blue Mango was left looking like a knock off when supposedly(according to dan from the building) it was the braintrust behind this phenomena. I'm sure there's a blue mango maverick off somewhere drowning his sorrows in ... yogurt.

Which brings me to where I really wanted to go in the first place-- Mavericks.

My heroes have alwasy been mavericks, non conformist, and whisteblowers. So, it's a subject that I plan to talk about now that Mcain and Palin are the top story on the 24 hour cable news channels. The lone human beholden to nothing but his sense of fair game is, sadly, not as common a trope as I'd like. But, now we are supposedly presented with two on one ticket. Some demo cretins(copyright me) are saying that Mccan in the last four years has not behaved like a maverick and has sold his soul blah blah. Since I made a prediction that came to pass, just last week, I am going to make another. Getting these things on the "public record." is better than nothing and so I predict....

John Mccain never sold out or sold his soul, but rather he rented it out, knowing that when it was returned it would have more value. Mildly machievelian, perhaps, but sometimes the means and the ends are necessary bedfellows. How tortured a metaphor was that?

Very tortured. Or was that an anology or a simile or what? I can never figure which is which.

The point: Mccain saw the harsh realities of the more extreme right and what it would take to really get power and he played along a bit. I predict that the minute he becomes president he will revert back to his maverick ways and become a great president. I think his choice of Palin had nothing to do with a cynical grab for Hillary's voters. I think that would be too obvious and dumb a move and Mccain is neither dumb or obvious. So, I contend that it was done with one real motive in mind and that is .... Maverickism. And, I hope it works and I hope it highlights the fact that Obama has less experience than Palin and that the fact that Obama has written two memoirs and no legislation is a great thing to remember.

I saw Obama on Tv, yesterday, and he was talking in this very stilted way, as per.But, it was particularly stilted and the smaller boned spinster said, "He sounds like Goren." This cracked me up. She was referring to the Goren character on Law and Order -- Criminal Intent.

I think that link will give you a slight idea how funny my sister's joke was, but that link oddly enough and pretty much by coincidence mentions the eames fill in who I happen to have met and who I know a little bit from an ex friend of mine. This ex friend is his own blog entry and turned out to be hilariosly lame but the actress who replaces eames is no enemy and so I'll leave her out of it. Still, it was wild to watch her get her big break about a year after I hung out with her and the ex friend for hours. Suffice it to say, she was no more exciting on screen than in person and Katherine Erbe is probably very grateful.

Damn,now my train of thought is worse than derailed. I'm going to return and try to sort it out later. bye, tater.
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