Saturday, September 6, 2008

Queen Josephine might have been a lesbian

Ah, yes. Hurrican Hannah. I predicted that Gustave wouldn't cause much damage because the name Gustave is most closely associated with the neutral king of sweden. I figure that Hanna(Hanna Arendt) and Ike( Eisenhower) would cause more damage solely on the virtue of thier namesakes. But, now I see there's a Josephine. Not a bad name. Completely out of fashion, only Josephine baker comes to mind. Interesting. Names that obviously came from a male name.

Henrietta: Out of style but kind of cool.
Josephine: Already mentioned.
Wilhemina: Very cool but out of style
Roberta: Out of style and rightfully so!
Micheala: Very nice and not out of style nor in style
Samantha: Always loved this name and still hold up.
Nicole(Nicholas?): Still totally current and often attached to pretty girls.
Stephanie: Dreadful and common name and in my experience attached to dreadful and common people.

Well, those are the only few that come to mind.

Will hurricane antoinette cause the real trouble as Katrina(Katrina and the waves) did. Is this all that simple to figure, in the end? Who should I call?

Josephine allegedly had lesbian affairs! How fun! Still, the wikipedia entry didn't give me the confidence to predict what that will mean hurricanwise. I never ever claimed to be a meteorologist, but I feel enthused by my hurricane predictions and plan to explore this further in upcoming blogs.
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