Monday, September 1, 2008

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Sarah Palin. What to say? I think she's a little too pro life, if you know what I mean. I get the feeling she's sneaking fertility pills into her kid's cereal. But, in all seriousness how would one woman and her husband be able to give any attention to 5 kids with her being constantly climbing the ranks. It just doesn't work out. There is something cold about a mother having 5 kids and naming them ridiculous names such as "Track," in particular, and then the 16 year old is pregnant and one is off to Iraq. Name a kid Bristol and the kids call her Bristol Farms if she goes to a place where they have Bristol farms and it's just uneccessary to put one's child through such challenges.

They say she's a crusader. And, I love nothing more than crusaders but then you shouldn't have 5 kids. Feminism shmeminism. Just too much achievement and a Tracy Flick quality to this Palin. I think the evangelist will lose their excitement now that palin's family values are looking so dicey. That's my initial take on Palin. I'd say it's not a great choice. But, then neither is Biden. Maybe, I'm just too old but exept for Mccain they all seem unsuited for high office. But, then high office is starting to seem a big joke for a long while now. I don't believe that abortion will be outlawed again(I'm pro choice) and I do think that Mccain does have a maverick spirit and once in office it will emerge full force. I don't know I'll admit it. I don't think either is an extremist.
I don't think Obama is a radical or a real follower of Rev. Wright. I think he's a bright opportunist who needs the ego strokes that this all has supplied him. Oprah galumphed her way into this, housewives followed and then all the woman haters, and the rest is history, really. Poor Hillary.

Since I got the new comments I was compelled to look over my entries and I must say there too many typos. I started to feel that there were no readers and so I didn't notice them. I apologize, dear readers. I will start spell checking ASAP.

I got a somewhat nebulous comment from Paz about neutrality and I think this can open up my blog to a hardy and boisterous debate on the supposed cowboy mentality of American policy. Well, I contend(from my limited but somewhat extensive) knowledge that that is just talkity talk from knee jerkitty jerk. My heroes(as of late) have been those who see both sides, stand in the middle observing, and then pick the more righteous one. Lets see-- Norah Vincent, Tammy Bruce, Phyliss Chesler, David Horowits(most of the time),Dennis Miller, and all those who put themselves on the line for what they really believe. They undoubtedly lost most of their "friends." As Norman Podhoretz did when he turned against communism etc. He wrote a book about this phenomena. I'm going to link it because I just read the first 4 chapters of blogging for dummies and I think I can do it....

Yes. Yes. I believe I finally did it and there is no stopping me now. Paz has left the building.

What was I on about? Oh yes. So,I think that all these deserters of leftyism have probably lost many jobs and have become very alienated and that they believe that they see the truth of the matter, and I think they may be right. They and I may also be wrong. But, the sentiment is at least genuine. With the lefties: I don't think most of the sentiments they espouse are thought out or genuine and I'll share a few stories that will highlight this. I've got stories.....

So, as it stands I'm an independent who sees no need to identify myself as either or. I just never tend to join anything and this is no exception. I really don't see Obama as someone who should lead this country. I hate to have to say this but... this always seems to be necessary in current conversation... It has absolutely nothing to do with his being black. Nothing at all.

I intend to use this blog as my own presidential platform very soon (and no I am not insane.) So I have a lot on my plate.

I have no big beef with Paz's Ireland but anyone in Europe who wants to get into an argument with me about how lousy America is will get an.... earful. America didn't, as of yet, let Dachau and Buchenwald and Mauthausen reside within it's borders. It did sent back ships full of jews that were marked for death, as did England. I am not so happy with America. I'm not so happy with humanity, and I'm not happy or proud that I'm doing nothing about Darfur and did nothing about Rwanda. But, rather I'm blogging with no brevity etc.

This new acceptable pish poshing of America and the supposed supremacy of Europe(embraced by lefties) is something that annoys the hell out of me. The germans killed my grandfather and stole my right to be a rich hungarian rather than an indigent blogger, so I have a right to my beefs and they get stuck in my craw and so it goes.

Well, that was lenghthy. I must say thought that it seems amazing that widgets and feeds, and rss readers gezunt, and all this seemingly impossible stuff is getting figured out by geeks somewhere, but there is still poverty and homelessness and the elevators are still too slow. Something seems off to me, taters.
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