Sunday, October 19, 2008

The enemies of my enemies are my friends.

Hello blog,

Another week of nonstop non boringness. Truth seems to come out at the strangest times and the strangest places and I do believe that forces of good will win out.

I said some nasty things about comedians in L.A in previous posts and I want to amend them:
The reason that so many "comics" were seen as nasty by me is because they were told to be. The disturbed sewer snipe has really done a job on me and I look forward to the damage control. I've been having terrible headaches and the minute they clear up I'm back to out and about.
I've discovered so much stuff and my only real problem is having the patience required to wait of the day when the stands trial .The actionable offenses committed against me and my magnificent family grow daily and so does the cast of characters.

Well, it seems I seem angry. And, I am. Absolutely. No denials here.
I've always managed my anger in a way that keeps it within the parameters of legality and I have no criminal record etc. And, that is still the case. Still, this nemesis is trying to twist it all and just the idea that she and her lackeys exist is very depressing. I told my sister, If I had to go to anger management for my case of righteous indignation, I'd end up having to go to blind fury class afterwards. The one in the pic is the one with the anger issues as evidenced here and in another image.

As it stands, the facts are too many and too complex to share in any readily understandable way. Suffice it to say, I am dealing with anti social liars. My luck, if you can call it luck is.... they are stupid liars.
And stupid liars mess up pretty quickly.

In retrospect this will all be a great story that I will share with the world-- corrupt comedians, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, sick lesbians, tragic kissasses, corrupt journalists, corrupt editors, corrupt webmasters. A truly postmodern tale of malicious madness or whateva.

But since I'm not even close to hindsight It's feeling like trauma. my poor momma.

As for Mcain and Obama, I found them both hilarious at the alfred can't remember last name dinner. I've always liked mccain a lot because I saw him being bitterly funny on the daily show once. I realized that is why I've always been so for him and I'm sad to think that he wasn't able to show that more. I really was nursing a dislike for Obama but he was so funny and his timing so good at that dinner that I like him now. I don't want him to be president but they were both so damned funny that I felt better about Obama and that is good for my nerves.

I just saw another terribly funny man, Jackie Mason, call sarah silverman a "sick yenta." I think her show is dreadful and her best friend is a disgusting freak, but I now dislike her because I can see that Silverman is real bully and that is why she has chosen such a sicko as a friend. The sarah silverman program is so bad that it's skankalicious. How is it possibly still on the air?

I need to meet an ivestagitive journalist STAT.
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