Monday, October 27, 2008

I love my momma

Ah, Mommy henya. I've been in love with her from the beginning.
she says the most adorable things non stop but this one must be shared with the blogosphere--

Mommy henya asked me if you need a blueberry to text.

The fact that this otherworldly creature even knows about blackberries or even texting is funny enough to me but she called it a ... blueberry. She makes me feel cannabalistic. I wish her eyes were gummy bears so I can suck on them. Yes.

Much to share and tons of tangible creativity will soon be unleashed. My headaches are better thanks to modern medicine and I will be blogging up a storm soon and getting out and kicking some major ass(figuratively, freaks.)

I have a revulsion for self promotion and a strong desire for privacy but in the last two years I've had to fight that and day jobs are horrible, and so it goes.

My shit list went from zero to about 50 peeps and I look forward to putting a victorious checkmark by each name asap. It's astounding how so many live without character or any sense of decency.

Anyhow, blog. I figured I should visit you for a bit. You've been kind.

I still haven't gotten around to separating tarra sloven's profile from mine and it's mildly disturbing now that someone has wished me luck on my book.

ah, misunderstandings.
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