Thursday, October 30, 2008

the flasher idiot is much uglier in life,

these are just a few of the uglies.

Grandma said, "stay away from ugly people."
and we thought grandma was being shallow. Grandma was being smart. The problem is that I didn't even go near these uglies and they still found me.

Sorry blog for sullying you but it is easier to send these images to certain people by sending them a link. I still have some more peeps to add to my collage of creeps, but I just got home and I'm already fallling asleep.

These creeps are very photogenic, while i am the most unphotogenic person possible. The guy who is flashing himself is tiny and bald and wimpy in person. I don't know the fat guy in the picture with the dried out goon. The dried out goon is highly photogenic and looks like wimpy flabby nerd in the flesh(eew)
and the obese monstrous "woman" with the mumu is even fatter and more frightful in life.
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