Friday, October 10, 2008

I've added latin legalese to my repertoire

so, it turns out that the most evil person that I've trusted has a blog. I think she is the only really bad person that I didn't peg as soon as could be expected.

How funny it is that given time, everyone will blog. Not a single soul will not blog someday. Anyway, she is an ongoing embarrassment. She has literally committed crimes against me and yet the worst crime is that she was a bore and I somehow wasn't seeing it for over 4 months. A real bore and I'm now sure was one of those chameleony creeps who mimics your behavior and wins you over by your own egotism. Hoisted on my own retard, perhaps. The punishment for too high a self regard is often humble pie thrown at one's face. Now, that I don't benefit her in anyway she's reverted to mimicking another and she now is unrecognizable and it's creepy. She writes crude and boring things as does the person who now benefits her. I would link you to her drippy blog but that would take too much effort. I so wish I didn't give her my only copy of the confederacy of dunces. I need that book more than ever. Ah, the irony.

Anyhow, I've been very busy gathering evidence and baring the slings and arrows as I wait, actively and inactively, for some justice. it seems that they took a bad gamble and they will soon have to see that thier wishful thinking was one wish too many.

Comedywise I've been completely banned and reviled by the dried out bedwetter and the fat sicko val myers. The damage is worse that I could have imagined and all the geeks I used to grace are now laughing in my face. Oh well. A lawyer told me it is all actionable after he saw my files. I never wanted the friendship of freaks and geeks so I don't cry in my soup(trademark- mommy henya)
Still this has upset mommy henya and stopped her from her dream of me being a comedian and that will not sit well with a jury .
This is all too personal, too esoteric, and I'm just writing it here to document it-- something I'll be able to look back on one day. I truly can't put in on paper because I will lose that paper. I once wrote a whole book on the greyhound bus-- it was going to be an "On the road." for the 1990's, but I lost it. And, even before that I couldn't make out most of my handwriting.

So, I'll put it here and let it stew in this silent cyberspace. I'm really too addled by all the ugliness to concentrate on making this a proper blog.

Me and sister are learning the law to some degree. I've gotten a huge amount of latin legalese down and am particularly fond of ex parte, slander per se, in pro per, pro se. I like other things like "extrinsic and intrinsic fraud, denial of due process, code 11, and void on its face." My indigent status can also turn out to be a blessing in disguise...

At least this legal stuff calls for some brains. That's my half full take for now.

Off I go to see about sanctions against attorneys of counsel who slander ex parte. yay.

You still there, Paz and the other lovelies?
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