Tuesday, October 7, 2008

mistakenly posted in toxic lady. I really like this Palin woman etc.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Hi there, I've been keeping a journal to document many of the things that have been happening and I'll post them all soon. It's also possible that I'll post crazy documents and evidence and proof positives. I have the written material that will blow the mind of sane individuals. I've met evil, kids, and evil met someone who will do everything to fight back. Can't be sure that evil can lose but everything will be done to try.
I hope to make this blog much more focused in the coming months. But, for today I want to post a song written by the larger boned spinster sister. I also want to tell anyone out there that comes upon this that I am more than alive and more than well and thanks for the kind comments etc and be well.

The day will come

Hey. Hey!
The day will come
they'll come that day

The placid lake you see
Sail boats hardly sway
Rowers row
And children play

In the deep
lies the truth
of the
that will grab what floats above
and pull it
down below

It will head your way
Watch the children
Throwing rocks as play
The sailboats hardly sway
The rocks of the the children
only cause small ripples
children's giggles fill the day
as the rocks hop
upon the serene waters
and then dissapear
down down below
by the

There will always be more rocks
to throw

How smooth looks the lake
Above the undertow
the swimmers
are heard to say
"what a lovely lovely day."
Watch the rowers
Row row row.
As the sailboats
Hardly sway
Hey hey
the day will come
with delay

down below
Deep in the soil
The undertow
like the snake
Will uncoil
and overtake
The placid lake

Hey hey the day will come
When the lakes oceanic shriek
Will subside
a hum

Always know
lies the truth --
the undertow.
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