Sunday, October 5, 2008

the spinsters sisters stun the supreme court

Busy busy busy. So, I haven't been able to seperate the toxic ladies profile from my own. So, please be advised that all that personal info relates to the author of "My toxic lady,' and not to I. That said, I apologize for my absence. I've been very inundated with all sorts of things and am waiting on justice, as they say. I plan to document it soon and the spinsters sisters are writing about it. Those gals will put the literature in litigation. The sisters have been working on a very highly alliterative odyssey/memoir/childrens' book for some . There is a very very strong emphasis on the "S." sound that's for sure. the new chapters " What's that you say?slander per se." and " The spinsters get inferior treatment from the superior court." are nail biters. The chapter, " Allison the slandering esquire" is still have baked but should be finished soon. The chapter " prima facie ex parte hearsay, ov vey." is darling. Oh, this book is going to be long but good and I hope to publicize it the minute it's ready. luckily,the S sound is very easy to come by and so you never get the sense that they are overreaching when it comes to these matters. They are devoted their lives to this and I hope it turns out as it should. Ok, then nice to see you again, blog. Glad I've cleared up that the dip who's obsessed with her own lesbianism is tara sloven and not me etc.
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