Saturday, May 2, 2009

charles manson and oprah

My blog is gettting hits and I feel secure that I will reach cyber success by my birthday. That is my goal and that is what I shall devote a good 14 percent of my headspace to till that desperate day, which is now 22 days away.

The good lord is pulling strings to keep me here and i figure that I should try to foment a revolution as I am very irritated by much of what this thing called society is coming up with. Society as a rule is always going to be annoying because the slightest pause for real thought would put that word under unbearable scrutiny. See, and here is where I am dong a charles manson imitation but you don't know it as no emoticon is yet available to have my readers know when I am thinking that I'm going to sound like Charles Manson when I say,

"You want a write a letter to her. Yeah, Yeah, sure she's never ain't getting back to you. See if then society gets back to you with a christmas card. Cause, Dig it, yeah, She don't have no mailing adresss. Society don't have no mailing labels, so to speak, Dig it? You want to e-mail or text society on Twitter and tell her what soup you ate?? Dig it? She ain't going to get back to you cuz she done cancelled her accounts."

I see that strange and possibly nonsensical speech being made in a manner of speech resemblig a mixture of charles manson and Janis Joplin at some concert before she died. Janis was talking like in this whiny hippy way and would punctuate all her unoriginal and somewhat addled observations with , "maaaaaaan."

Getting into this character here and unbenownst to any sweet sod who ventures upon my blog has been fun but the goals have still not been met and so the goals still will be gnawing. The goals? You ask? To reach 5000 hits by my miserable birthday and to foment a revolution where I am the leader but not in that power hungry way. My revolution will be all about making due with discount items and chatting and FUN. Eventually as with all revolutions it will implode and ony the 99 cents stores and goodwills will be left standing and most will come to loathe me and curse the day I told them they couldn't go on twitter, buy things at whole foods, or wear loafers without socks. Those are the first things that come to mind for my revolution but trust me I have more ideas than that.

On the right side of my screen it says "Monetize" and that just might be a wierdo euphemism of capitalize but it is time to monetize and I have 22 days set as my goal to do so as I have many fish to fry yet, and frying pans, fish, and oil cost money.

Talking about fish has not made me hungry because it's not even breakfast time and only freaks want fish for breakfast, anyhow. So, I won't talk about fish but I will talk about charles manson for a second and marvel how he got a bunch of people to do such vicious things by just being completely cryptic and not even good looking.

I have some heft behind my crypticism and am good looking and I can't even imagine asking 99.9 % of people to do me a small favor much less carry out my murderous schemes. That is not to say that I have murderous schemes. I must make that clear as it is possible that somewhere out there someone has a stake in twisting my words...
So for the reord: All is said figuratively and the jury is going to hate you. I trust my jury, bitches.

My that is beyond cryptic.It alludes to a recent and very real lifestyle that is not by my choice. And, that lifestyle by no choice is that of being prosecuted for a crime I did not commit and having to focus my energies on 12 random souls picked in voire dire and the most important 12 people I'll ever deal with in my life. At least I hope so because, I'm all about having exprerience, but being prosecuted for something you didn't do is one I'm not too sure I can survive twice. That's a good story and one that slowly but surely will get told.

I know for certain that i have 3 readers now and so I apologize to them for piquing their curiosity without payoff but my truth has been twisted for over a year now and so I need to be careful. But,it should be known to as many people as possible that a grave injustice was done to me and my family and that we'll fight the assorted evildoers till the end. Evil doers is not said in some campy overly christian kind of way but as an adjective that is appropriate even after careful analysis.

I work as a webmistress part time for a pretty awful lady named Tarra Slovan and she blames her own recent rash of bad luck on her corrupt life coach. She's writing an e-book about suriving the justice system when you are both indigent and INNOCENT and I plan to to link it when it is done. She's a pretty awful lady but it's turning out to be a good book.

Feel free to request more charlie manson impressions!
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