Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dancing with the stars controversy and some other business

Oh man this blog is inert. I think I'm too late to the party, as per. I put a naked lady and still... I will blame it all on Twitter. Twitter haunts me. I can't believe the lemminglike horror that created.

By the 24th of may if I don't get 5000 hits I will simply... perish, so you will see some frenzied activity here as I try to reach my unimpressive goal.

So, I'll start with the Paso Robles and how I don't know who should win dancing with the stars as I only watch it every 7th show and have no idea if Gilles is better than the sweet but not terribly interesting Bachelorette girl. I don't find Gilles interesting either and I think an american should win. That opinion is sure to inspire heated political debate and I can't wait to moderate. That wasn't supposed to rhyme but it did.

What else. Sister has a wide wide array of interests and so is reading a book on the Sylvia Plath Ted Hughes union, a book of the letters of Ted Hughes, and then a book about Assia wivvell(the woman who replaced Plath and then killed herself and her kid and it's a great book(I'm in the middle of it) called " Lover of Unreason."
Though I really liked the Bell jar and so Sylvia Plath, I must say I do not get the vast majority of modern poetry . I actually think it's bullshit most of the time. Give me some ryhme. Give me some real feelings and situations. The New Yorker literally had two poems in a row that mentioned "Thistle." And, so much talk of honeysuckles and other things that don't turn my shit on.
I'm middle aged and I don't even know what thistle is and I'm not a dumdum. Seriously, it makes me feel stupid or something because I have no idea what they are talking about and I strongly suspect that like modern art most of modern poetry has sadly been coopted by the phonies and assholes and that is why poetry has gone out of style and most "art" is a true joke.

Don't really get anne sexton's poems either, but I really impressed my professor in sophomore year with an interpretation of one of her poems which was really a lot of speculative bullshit about the poem "her kind." . But, recently my sweet sister who is a youtube head found footage of Ms. Sexton and let me say that is one attractive woman. Please, go to youtube and search for her and see how very sad her suicide is.

Another good book according to sister is "HOW TO HEBBURN" by Karen Karbo. It was so good that my sister actually wrote her a note on her website which is very very out of character for sister.

Must go buy coffee but I will be here daily whether you like it or not. 5000 hits will be mine, blogosphere my dear.
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