Thursday, May 21, 2009

american idol hits to my blog, thanks.

This my friends is a hit drive. I will need 700 by sundown May 24th and it is not looking like a squeaker.

Too much to talk about since we last met dear blog. I was thinking lots of things lately but one of those that I'll share is that diaries were called dear and so why not blogs? Then this led me to an unexalted conclusion that there just used to be more respect for the written word before the written word was Word Processed. Sort of like cheese if you haven't already made that connection.

I will post my tv reviews very soon but first I will share more of my thoughts as everytime I feel it silly to do so here I get some comment from somewhere saying something encouraging. It could very well be some enemy trying to get me to keep going for sinister purposes but supsending disbelief is a neccesity, as of late.

More of my thoughts that I will share

So I'm reading a few things but one of them is an article in the New Yorker about isolation and how the American prison system uses it. Very interesting but there is a few instances where the reporter talks about how this one or that one "loses their mind." And, this made me ponder how when I was young and thougtht things more lasting I felt that my mind was here to stay but now I know that even a mind can get lost. The question becomes whether any of the people who lose their minds, find them, and if so where was the mind and what was the method of getting it back. As thorough as these New Yorker writers are relative to most magazines -- this reporter doesn't find this out and so I still must wonder about this and risk mind loss in the process.

What else, hmmm. Lots. But, posts can only be so long before norms get breached to the point of Unease etc. Hmmm.

So, is it because Adam Lambert is jewish or because he is gay? Or is it becaus Kris just was so damned likeable? Since we've had many black American idols and now a black president I wouldn't feel too comfortable talking of the prejudices of our country. I know from my own experience that Anti Semitism and homophobia is definately out there but whether that is why Adam lost is and won't ever be clear.

Adam Lambert is one tall, talented, and goodlooking Jew and that is good for the jews( who still are not in the clear, as a rule.)
And I felt more sad for Kris really because he is a smart sweet boy and he knows that his winning was suspect and my heart kind of sank for him because I knew that fame and fortune will probably cause him too much trouble. He's very goodlooking, has a pretty lovely wife and a kid, and now he will be away from that wife and kid and surrounded by woman more worldly and his wife will wonder... and it just felt scary. I never felt that before watching american Idol so ... Now, with Adam it in all probability is the best possible thing for him because this 19 entertainment thing and its cheesy claws seem something Adam can manage better without. I really liked them both and Adam, for me, in the end, didn't touch me emotionally as much as I'd like. But, it is still obvious to me that his talent was much bigger and Kris didn't get me emotionally either so whatever and blah blah and poo poo and rah rah two cents asscake.

What is going on with Oprah? Did they uncover corruption yet? Will she forever be our Queen? Answer me, blogoyavich. I mean... blogosphere.

I have come up with a sure sell social networking site idea and it is .... Myface. It is theoretically going to be a merger between the two and so there will be lots of bandwidth cleared as myspace is now an eyesore. It will lose the book part but in the end that wasn't really important to it's sucess. If anyone wants to monetize me for this idea, please do so ASAP. I have over 500 unsold ideas so feel free to send price quotes.

Okay it is now 6 A.M and I must do important things...
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