Saturday, May 23, 2009

Googling away on a sunny day

It seems that the profile of my client, Tarra Slovan, is showing up and making it seem as if I'm her. But, I'm not. I'm her webmaster and I host this site as well. SO, please ignore that and know that I am not her. Thanks.

AS for lucy gordon I'm anxious to know the true story. In this day and age no 28 year old with that much kills themselves. Doesn't happen. Unless she has tried and failed at medication and was known to have deep depressions but otherwise-- nope. She was murdered. I know of what I speak, but of course I could be wrong. The unbearable tragic story of Adrienne Shelly should be remembered. Which somehow also reminds me of the creator of rent and how he died in some strange way before he could see such massive success. Ach.

I've been googling lucy gordan and there are as usual, stupid and some smart comments on these sites. This is not stupid or smart but one of the comments that stood out was that suicide is better because he gets to be in control. I totatlly disagree and will talk about that maybe in an upcomign post.

How is Oprah faring out there, I wonder.
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