Wednesday, May 6, 2009

nancy grace and theories

Is there something just not right about Nancy Grace? I predict that Nancy Grace will be convicted of some crime at some point in our lives. Something just not right about that Nancy Grace.

Theory on why autism rose: Too much multitasking and internet and baby in wombs are closing themselves off. When the widget was thrust on the world, and I couldn't understand it or why it was now existing I wanted to be autistic.

Theory on why crime has gone down so considerly in all major cities:
Read in L.A weekly it's because of cops or fear of dna. I think the crime dropped right when the internet took off and perverts just have more outlets. Perverts can chat out thier criminal energies etc.

Theory on why adderol is so widely prescribed and suddenly so many are called ADD:
Because this super modern world with constant changes in tv screen size and quality(HD,LCD, Plasma...) constant and pretty meaningless "upgrading" in APPs and constant gadgets online and off and the pressure to learn what they are are --have driven most humans into a state of being overwhelmed. One minute a cell phone, next minute must learn to text and then blackberries for businessmen and then gps, laptops, I phones for EVERYONE, and then more iphones with more features and then an Iphone with even more Applications and then soon one with more gadgets and Gigabytes. Attention deficit is a given when the world has gone so cuckoo.

hope you enjoy my theories and have a nice day.
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