Wednesday, May 6, 2009

camus is cool

I'm finding that fomenting a revolution via blog has been ineffective. Most of the times I have too many typos to be taken seriosly and I'm having the feeling that I bet is common to many bloggers-- and that is that I'm losing control of my blog.

The recent complete lack of comments has led me to believe that this blog has been a sisyphian and solopsistic mess. For those who by chance don't know what those words are it may be because I mispelled it but those are two words that really caught my attention when they came to my attention. Camus was cool and the Myth of Sisyphus rocks so hard.

I feel sure that there will be no fomenting of revolution but still I plan to return this evening as I've figured out 3 mysteries of the universe. Unfortunatly time does not now permit me to share some major epiphanies with you.
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