Thursday, May 21, 2009

no body should feel suicidal in paris

I never heard of Lucy gordon but now I have been googling her for over 10 minutes. What a beauty! It doesn't get better looking than that. I contend that she was murdered. Her movie is at Cannes, she's successful, has a cool name, gorgeous and there is prozac zoloft etc. I say she had to be murdered because otherwise why the hell are most of us still hanging around?

Hanging entails a very very deep depression and I call foul play.

How lame of me. Calling anything. I'm not a real blogger why am I talking now about tragic celebrity deaths? I see so clearly now that Twitter is inevitable and I shake.

Murder is much less depressing than suicide, don't ya think?

Anything new with Oprah that one of you invisible reticent characters can tell me about???
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