Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, carrie prejean is miss california!

I am slowly but surely accomplishing my goal but if I stop blogging now the hit counter will just stop at 4998 on May 24th and that will be sad.

I fear I start really blogging when it was too late and the desire for brevity and 24/7 personal updates became the rage. People of all stripes now tweet and blogs seem to have been a phase. I can't imagine tweeting anytime soon but I never thought I'd blog and here I am in the abandoned blogosphere doing just that. One really never knows.

I should learn how to add music to this blog as it feels eerily quiet today. Hmmm, much to discuss but feeling in my marrow that blogging is ovah.

I have looked at twitter and I'm at a loss as to how it fills a need not met by facebook and then I'm at a loss as to how Myspace became such an outcast. I fear it's because facebook started with the banal brevity pandemic with that "what are you doing now" shit, and now the herd in abject fear of seeming loquacious welcomes the restrictions on "characters" placed by Twitter. Tedious terseness threatens to become a full blown epidemic and I literally can smell the rotting blog corpses.

I can go on and further say stuff like "prosaic pithiness" but my alliteration is OUT OF CONTROL and I am out of synonyms for the antonym of verbose.
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