Wednesday, May 13, 2009

post rife for controversy and american idol

Ah, yes.forgot. "SUCCINCT."

Hi blog,

I see you have stayed put. I don't like you blog. I don't think I love you either. Perhaps, I do. I have tried to foment a revolution and I have implored the vast mass to stop with this twitter business. Silence. Must I sign up to Twitter to acheive this goal? I fear I must.

I don't like you humanity. I don't think I love you either. Perhaps, I do. Because, I still after all these year am reaching out to you.

A thing like a blog now exists and it really could be such a egalitarian tool -- everyone can reach at least some stranger out there in the yonder/abyss/void/ hemisphere/universe etc. And, from what I've gathered: The top blogs are either tedious partisan crap or celebrity gossip or this awful new phenomena of "fandom" as lifstyle and being a "fan" an identity. I don't remember this being an acceptable identity just 10 years ago. And, there is now this tiresome partisanship and it's become really cool to be "politically involved" by voicing leftist or rightist views. Moreso Leftist, from what I can see. And, I think it is Phony and BORING. TOns of insufficiently informed dodos feigning intensity and directing anger at nebulous concepts and events. Rosie Odonnel comes to mind first celebritywise. Then, you have the awful Joy Behar and the you should work on your own issues first types like Sean Penn. I see Sean Penn's sour face and just think his exhibitionist liberalism is a front cause he's a nasty guy. Ditto Barbara Striesand. I see this with too many "liberals" who espouse and espouse and ... are probably terrible to thier spouse. Ha. Ha. Hmmm. Ha.

Nancy Pelosis insipid face springs to mind. Now, when it comse to Obama-- I feel sure that he is neither lefy or righty and really just too aware of the absurd to be a "political animal." I think this stricly because of how funny he is at these televised dinners and how he modulates his voice so drolly and how great his comedic timing is. I think Him and Michelle find this all hilarious. I bet they laugh and laugh at how surreal it all is and how dim they find Oprah and so many of these hollywood types.

The middle has a bad rap( mediocrity, average?) but when it comes to politics-- the middle to me seems the better place to be. It seems immature to have to belong. Forcing all the complexities into Parties causes bad side effects like Lockstepism, and knee jerks. Like I said, the only real party .... is in my pants. That silliness stopped this from being a full blown rant. That silliness and the fact that I'm not in a ranty mood.

American Idol was very boring I thought.
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