Thursday, June 25, 2009

Different that "famous hot dog"

Oh no I shouldn't be tickled but I am. Just heard this news item where a girl died from twittering -- electrocuted herself with a laptop etc.

Of course, if I knew her or her family at all I wouldn't be tickled but this almost seems like a good joke. I've had a hate on for twitter from the start and now that I blame it for the complete downfall of my blog I really want it to get some bad press.

What else? Oh yes, Just found out that my mother was on "The famous Farslaben Death Train." This is some story and it insinuates that I have "Legacy" and that I better do something legacy worthy very soon and it is very interesting in that goosebumps followed by stress related rash way.

I'll paste some of that when I return from wherever I'm off to.
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