Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell me why I don't like Lefties

This Iranian Revolution is very inspiring. I suggest rather than tell ourselves how lucky we are to be free blah blah blah, that we tell ourselves that we might be lucky enough to be able to protest without getting killed, so let's protest.

Therein lies the American problem. Along the way, we figured that we were really free and protesting doesn't sound really necessary. Then, you have the utopian overkill movements that died off miserable and embarrassing deaths and left much pause in its wake

I submit, with an even keeled president at the helm, we start an even keeled revolution: Protest the legal system, protest the underfunded moron making school system, and the fact that there is homeless people and depressed people that can't afford medications and .... bus advertising and there's so much that is revolting and should make us go revolting.

The ladies get to keep our bras as we march and catchwords aren't allowed or they are just discouraged or ... It's hopeless.

There is still so much wrong with this Country that we shouldn't use relativity(Look, wer're better than Iran) to sate ourselves. I hope this revolution doesn't wane because the feminist aspect mixed in with the democratic aspect is very exciting. And it strikes me as true that there are basic human needs(more on that later) that cannot be met in the dictatorships and theocracies found majority of the Middle east(hi tiny israel)and that the "multiculture" movement has been a stinker because basic human desires are much more potent and poetic than sharing similar skin color or religion or even place of birth. I'll tell you about my college experience with multiculturism, diversity, and deconstructionism in a later post...

And, I haven't heard this anywhere but if it is deemed a sucess soon or soon enough down the road, I think it will rub off and transform the Middle East for the better and I think this will torture all the lefty heads who DESPISE Bush so much and that would give me much joy. I also like to be proven right to, I admit it.

I really reached a conclusion that self identified Leftists are assholes. Maybe, before college or even during or a little after, but when I meet a middle aged person who very soon into meeting me wants it known that he is all about being "liberal" I know what I'm dealing with-- Mostly someone who desperately needs to present as a do gooder because they are not very good.

Which reminds me of a "friend" I lost this week and that I won't miss. The type who will try her best to present as a progressive good soul to the world and yet when it comes to individuals she could care less. These types often prefer animals to humans and she wasn't the worst of them but that distaste for truth was coursing through her blood and when confronted with that she did the "I'm so offended" shtick that innocent people don't do. I've gotten really keen on how innocent people act and mainly it doesn't involve the immediate lawyerly stance: I'm not in the right, but how can I twist this to make me still win my case.

I'm not innocent of it but I've come to recognize it enough to control it. Never fails though with most people-- call them out on something to try and clear the air and if they know they really have no case they'll say shit like, " Did it ever occur to you?" Or put some blame on your fundamental character for daring to voice your displeasure. The last one tried to fob it off with her therapyspeak, "Sorry if I can't meet your needs." I knew that Bull should'nt have eaten that fibercon. My "needs" were for you not to be an inconsiderate asshole again and my needs are now to try to tell you rather than dissapear(which seems wrong sometimes) and my needs are normal and your phony reaction to naming basic human respect as "needs" is what is wrong with that region you come from.

I think how in the ever decade there are people who will look back and say, "man what was I doing then" and be horrified by the wastefulness caused by listening to others or bad books rather than to their guts."

The 90's and this decade with have so many one day saying, " Oh man, I was cutting off all the toxic people in my life then" And, very likely they'll be without family or real friends if they stuck to recieved language. I don't say there isn't real "toxicity" to be found in people. I almost enjoy ridding myself of people who make me unhappy. Unfortunately, most people don't meet my nasty azz specifications and very quickly or ultimately are kicked to the curb becuase being without them is much preferable etc. But, that's usually because they are petty or unfunny or unkind or all around lacking in happy making or even content making properties at all times. There's no need for me to reach for cheapened language to make these decisions. The older I get the more I believe, " Go with the Gut"

Go Iran Go!
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